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Linux is rapidly growing in popularity in the IT industry around the world as an OpenSource operating system and version of Unix, which is free of charge. Because of this expanding popularity of the Linux operating system, Linux help is greatly accessible from a number of qualified and reliable sources who accordingly act as experts in giving Linux help. Linux help is currently on demand as the result of a number of frequent issues arising when beginners to Linux initially start using the operating system on their own. Some of these issues requiring Linux help can in turn be identified in the categories, as the core features of Linux, listed below:

  • installation and configuration
  • getting started
  • commands and shells
  • applications and servers
  • desktops and displays
  • hardware and peripherals
  • kernels and system
  • localization and language
  • networking
  • platforms and architectures
  • programming on Linux
  • running multiple operating systems
  • security
  • support and services
  • system administration

Intoweb is an It company that can solve all your Linux problems and issues. We know that learning is always easier by separating and breaking the elements of the operating system first into an organised structure and this is how we offer our Linux help. Help simply implies assistance. and Linux help is therefore assistance, regarding anything that relates to Linux, and is available in the form of installation, maintenance, and training. Intoweb carries installation and maintenance out on a monthly contract basis. Intoweb can also install, configure, and provide Linux help in a number of relative applications which include:

  • Proxy server (Squid)
  • Mail server (Sendmail)
  • Firewall (iptables)
  • Fileserver (Samba)
  • DHCP server
  • Apache webserver
  • Postgresql database server
  • Mysql database server
  • Ftp server (VSftpd)
  • POP3 or IMAP (Dovecot)
  • PHP support
  • SSH login
  • DNS server (Bind)
  • Automatic updates (YUM)

What Additional Linux Help Can Intoweb Give to You?

Intoweb is a Linux enthusiast. We therefore have a dedicated Linux training course specifically designed to give Linux help and to turn all those keen Linux learners of this operating system into enthusiasts like ourselves. Our Linux help courses are readily understandable and easy to follow, starting from the beginning basic foundations of Linux and working through to the more advanced capabilities of this operating system. Our Linux help training is therefore ideal for those who are new to Linux and we thus aim to answer the following questions, concerning basic Linux functioning, users accounts, and file system navigation, which are frequently being asked by beginners who are needing an introduction to the Linux operating system:

  • What is Linux?
  • What is the Linux kernel?
  • Which Linux distribution package should I install?
  • Who is the root user?
  • How do i reboot or shut down my machine?
  • How do I add/delete a user?
  • How do I change/delete directories?
  • How do I copy/rename/move/edit/delete files?
  • How do I list directory content?
  • How do I delete directories?
  • How do I access the floppy/cd rom drive?
  • How do I install/run a program?
  • How do I find files on my system?

For finding out the answers to these questions or to get further Linux help in your Linux expeditions, why not consider joining our Linux training courses. They are reasonably priced and based on providing all those interested with Linux help to make better use or to get started in their use of the Linux operating system. Contained in our Linux help training is a great wealth of knowledge which our students can use to obtain information and get Linux help, all to further their understanding of the Linux operating system.