In order to understand the effectiveness of homepage design, a definition for the term homepage will be given. Homepage generally refers to the main opening page of a website which greets the visitor with key information about the company or product which it is promoting. Therefore the homepage design of a website needs to encapsulate all the neccessary information about the company and product onto a single introductory page, while also presenting an appropriate image with the aim to capture the right visitor. Intoweb has qualified homepage designers who have the capabilities to perform the required tasks and objectives of the homepage design of websites for companies from a variety of different industries.

Design can take numerous forms as technology keeps developing at a rapid pace. The design of homepages can now include moving animation and audio along with graphics to encapture visitors and make them want to delve further into the world which the homepage creates. This type of design is known as e-design as it generally refers to the graphical side of web development with use of images, CSS, flash and XHTML. The following e-design services are provided by Intoweb:

Website Design

The collection of web pages and other information (such as for example images, sound, and video files) in their entirety, which is made available through the homepage, can be termed website design. Many websites have been built by Intoweb for large companies ranging from Porsche to Ellerines. Our website design has the ability to increase sales through promotion and marketing of the correct company image.

Flash Design

Intoweb uses Macromedia Flash to create and deliver dynamic content, media (sound and video), and interactive applications over the web via the browser. Macromedia Flash is a proprietary, robust graphics animation/application development program and is the latest technology in web animation, being essential for progressive homepage design. Flash design can be used for either small areas such as logos or be used to build an entire website.

Intranet Design

Intranet design is a specialised service offered by Intoweb which provides companies with a website-system that can be used within their company. This website-system is known as an intranet as it operates within a local area network.

Intoweb's Design Services

Intoweb's design services are customised to suit every company's needs and corporate identity and therefore create home page design, programming and ultimate website design which is unique according these essential requirements. Intoweb consultants are available to answer any questions you may have regarding home page design or any other services which we offer. Click to contact us: