Intoweb is one of the few website hosting companies in South Africa, where we create high quality websites for our Clients. Many web site development companies do not offer web site hosting. They will usually just design a website and host with another company. Intoweb offers design and hosting services at one company allowing for better control of ones online assets.

At Intoweb, we care about our clients and provide you with access to the best web hosting and website development services in South Africa. Every company, organization or individual wants to have a system that is reliable and generates business for them. You just need to find the correct hosting company for your web site. Intoweb also does a free domain name search to allow your company to secure an appropriate web site name.

As part of Intoweb's holistic hosting solution, we not only create a superior site, but we host and maintain it at highest industry levels. What makes us better is that we not only have the ability to place your organisation on the internet but we are also able to ensure that you obtain the greatest exposure through this medium, Our SEO department is able to optimise your website to ensure that your organisation generates the maximum amount of visitors to your site. For more information on how you can effectively increase the number of visitors to your site visit our SEO website at

Our hosting servers

Our Linux hosting servers are part of the JINX hub with more than 3Meg.p.s. download speeds. All our sites get mirrored on a back up box that allows us to ensure up time of 99.9%. Most sites also get mirrored on our international servers (in New York) as well, allowing international visitors to the sites fast and efficient download speeds. All sites get backed up on a weekly basis and the saved files are stored in two secure, separate off- site locations.

NEW Mambo Hosting R140 excl vat per month

Small business hosting solutions

Item Description
Econo hosting Static websites with low traffic (500mb transfer pm)
Basic hosting Normal sized websites with medium traffic (1 gig transfer pm)
Database hosting Hosting including databases
Delux hosting Includes website mirror in the States
E-commerce website Allow people to buy online using credit cards
Maintenance package 2h pm, accumulating each next month
SEO Monthly search engine registration and report more details...
Prioritise changes Ensure all changes are done within 24h (working days)