Interactive Website Design

The key advantage to interactive websites is that they allow the user to influence and react with the website interface. At intoweb interactive website design is customised to suit your companies needs. Whether you require quick-loading smaller animation additions to your current website, or innovative, non-static graphic websites.

Intoweb has experience designing interactive websites for companies in many different industries. Our designs are not based on templates and are all customised to your companies needs.

intoweb offer two mutlimedia solutions as far as interactive website design is concerned:

Full Flash Website
This site gives you the ultimate power of creativity in terms of animation and sound. The site is built completely with Macromedia Flash and is usually preceded by a preloader that loads the entire site and then plays it out smoothly similar to a movie. Full flash websites adds more sensation to the users interaction with your companies website than any static website ever can.

Semi-Flash Website
Flash can also be used to created smaller presentations that can be placed on specific HTML pages as part of the design or to spice up a homepage. The advantage of adding a flash design to an existing HTML (static) page is that the design automatically looks more alive without compromising too much on the download speed of your interactive website design.

Click on any of the links below to see what intoweb could be doing for your companies website:

Anton Richter Architects

Full Flash: This website is fully built with Macromedia Flash and contains dynamic animation as well as sound. This is graphics intensive design.

Kingfisher Landscaping

Full Flash: Kingfisher Landscaping are landscape architects who strive to be unique and different while offering excellent service. The corporate website deisgn contains 3D and dynamic animation, sound.

Audio Visual Systems

Semi-Flash Website: This site uses Flash combined with static graphics on the homepage. The animated hand is a particular nice feature as it demonstrates the purpose of their product.

Elle Promotions

Flash Introduction to a Semi Flash website: A dynamic and tantalising design made to compliment the lively nature of this promotional company.

Interconnect Systems

Flash was used to make the navigational system a bit more interesting.

If you would like to find out more about interactive website design at intoweb please contact us