The internet marketing industry in South Africa

African Internet usage has trebled to over 12 million since 2000, but South Africa remains the continent's dominant Internet centre, with a quarter of Africa's users (Statistic 2005). This has resulted in a increase in interest in the internet marketing industry. The Internet is now where consumers interact with brands in ways surpassing even TV commercials.

Intoweb is the maverick of the internet marketing industry in South Africa.with nine years experience in the IT industry. We approach internet marketing holistically providing services which range from Website Design and Programming to Banner Advertising to Search Engine Optimisation. The ability to develope a website through all its stages is what seperates Intoweb from any other company in the internet marketing industry.

In the end a website needs to help your company earn back money after investing money into it. Intoweb's Internet Marketing services include:

  • Initial website design to appeal to and inform your desired target market. The intoweb Design and development teams aim to produce websites which are both functional and beneficial to your company image.
  • Newsletter systems developed by Intoweb are incorporated with a database of clients which can be divided into seperate mailing lists. Design of newsletter templates is also available.
  • Search Engine Optimisation to increases the amount of visitors to your website and provide you with statistics
    • Which pages visitors visit the most
    • What keywords are being used in search engines to find your website
    • What days and hours of the week they most often visit your website
    • A percentage breakdown of how long visitors stay on your website
    • What search engines visitors enter your website from
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  • Promotional design can be provided as either static banners or as flash animations. (The banner at the top right hand corner of this page would be an example of Flash promotion.)

There a few companies in the Internet Marketing industry that can provide this range of internet marketing solutions. The intergration of each of Intoweb departments means that specialised knowledge can be applied to each area of your company's internet marketing strategy.

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