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Would you like to find out if your website is Search Engine friendly, ease of Use and Accessible?

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is advertising of company services and products online. Through internet marketing companies are able to reach out to many potential clients who frequently visit the internet. Internet markerting has become the most effective marketing strategy in place, because people look for everything in the internet. One of the many benefits associated with Internet marketing is the availability of information. Consumers can log onto the Internet and learn about products, as well as purchase them, at any hour.

Internet marketing in different forms:

Website Design
A website desing plays the most important role in internet makerting, because it is the source of attraction to people. At Intoweb designers and developers create sites that are eye catching and have dynamic functionalities.

Online Newsletters
Intoweb always incoporates the newsletter system with a database of separeted mailing lists of clients. Internet marketing strategies are spam free at Intoweb and the designs for the newsletter tamplate are available.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation increases the amount of visitors to your website and provide you with statistics

  • Which pages visitors visit the most
  • What days and hours of the week they most often visit your website
  • A percentage breakdown of how long visitors stay on your website
  • What keywords are being used in search engines to find your website
  • What search engines visitors enter your website from

Online Promotions
Online promotions cover a large part of the internet marketing. Designs for promoting online are created in banners (The banner at the top right hand corner of this page would be an example of Flash promotion). Intoweb makes it possible to update your website with eyecatching promotions and keep clients coming back to your website.

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