What is Internet Service Provider

To better understand what Internet Service Provider is, one needs to know what the three words means. Internet is a group of network computers that operates worldwide. Service is what the organisation offer to their client. Provider is an organisation that makes service available and delivers it to the client. Therefore Internet Service Provider is a business that provides access to the Internet.

Good websites have to generally be hosted and actively promoted on powerful and reliable mirrored servers, with an Internet Service Provider that you know is reliable and that you can trust.

Intoweb and Internet Service Provider
As part of Intoweb's website packages, we not only create a great looking site, but we host and maintain it at the highest service provider levels. With our brilliantly successful search engine optimizing solution which few other Internet Service Providers offer, our clients can be assured of the best service, promotion and websites in t he business.

We have Linux servers especially for hosting of websites. These servers are part of the JINX hub with over 3Meg.p.s. download speeds. Our sites are also mirrored on a back up server that allows us to be up 99.9% of the time, even if the main server goes down. A lot of our sites also get hosted on our mirror server in New York, making it easier and faster for international visitors to access these sites. We back up all the sites on a weekly basis, and stores these in two secure off site locations.

As a professional Internet Service Provider, we have a team of dedicated developers that continually work on updates, changes and promotion of our client's websites. A crucial element to success on a website is to give the site time and maintenance, which is included in our services.

There is an exclusive service offering for our corporate clients. On a daily basis, the website is reviewed by a dedicated web master who compares it with competitors, and makes suggestions as to how to improve the site. The suggestions are laid out at monthly discussion meetings. As part of the web master solution, a dedicated web developer is assigned to modify and edit the site when needed. Programming and copywriting is also included in this solution.

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