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Intoweb is a web page development company based in South Africa that has over 9 years experience in the creation and maintenance of internet web pages. Our web page designers are highly skilled and possess the capabilities to design internet web pages which compliment any company's desired look and feel in order to aid in internet marketing of a specific image. Web page design comes in many forms such as static web pages and vibrant flash animations, thus giving our clients a variety of choices regarding their preferred web page design. We strive to create internet web pages which have the ability to promote a company while staying true to the nature of that company and, in so doing, increase sales and positive pubilicity.

What does Internet Web Page Development include?

The web page development of an effective internet web page refers not only to the activity of web page design itself but also the functional side which includes programming. Web page design is the design or web page development of a web site which is carried out by web page designers. Web page design can however be termed according to the graphical side of web page development as it mainly includes usage of images and HTML coding.

Internet web pages get further additions such as programming and dynamic web pages which create interface features and enable links to a variety of relevant databases. Programming is the code which the browser reads and displays and forms the upper layer of an internet web page. Therefore the essential purpose for programming in internet web pages is that this in effect allows an internet web page and its interface to connect to any databases and applications to be found in the deeper code layers in the web page.

Services in Internet Web Page Development

Intoweb is trained and experienced in all the activities which are required for effective web page development and web page design. Therefore a company can be assured of the fact that the services which we offer regarding internet web pages and further development thereof are the best. We supply services to numerous satisfied companies in a variety of industries.
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