The Intoweb Intranet System

Intoweb are Intranet specialists providing large companies with a company-wide communication system faciliated by an Internet browser. Intoweb has created a range of base modules that are customised for each companies needs along with the creation of pages and modules for specific companies needs.

List of Modules:
Intranet Graphic Design
Intoweb can customise the look of your new Intranet to comply to your company's unique colors, logo's and other formatting features. More information about Intranet Graphic Design.

Dashboard Module
The Dashboard allows the system administrator to create unique content for the Intranet home page. You can also choose obtain RSS feeds, and dynamic information. Administrators can set up the overall design of the home page, but users will also be able to change certain information. More information about the Dashboard Module.

Helpdesk Module
Use the Intoweb Helpdesk system to automatically capture and manage email requests about a service you offer. The Helpdesk will alert you of any unresolved issues and allow you to draw reports on helpdesk usage. More information about the Helpdesk Module.

Document Managment Module
A document management system allows users to login to a site and upload files to a remote location. The user can then access his files from anywhere in the world as long he has an internet connection. More information about the Document Management Module.

Event Management System
The Event management system is a specialized event co-ordination system. The system is used to manage all the requirements of an event in one easy to use system. Integration with the Contacts Module provides a much easier system to obtain and manage event suppliers. Integration with the Budget Module will help you track the financial side of the event and ensure that you stay within your limits.

Project Management System
The Project Management System allows multiple projects with multiple resources to be set multiple tasks and managed on the Intranet.

Process Flow Management System
The process flow management system allows for an organisation to set up process flow analysis and tracking systems. Process flow is first created, and each step is analysed with how it influences the next step.

Social Integration
Internal Intranet systems and websites are now attracting various social interaction services such as blogs, social interaction design, UI design, online community, and social media.

Interactive, Updateable News Module
You can use this module to keep the employees and clients up to date about recent events in your organisation. Unlike the Blog Module, this module is used more formally. You can also use this module to set up newsletters that are sent to employees or clients. The module consists of Internal News and External news. Use Internal News to keep your employees up to date and External News to keep the public and your clients up to date.

Wiki Module
The Wiki module will allow your organisation to record company information in a wiki, which allows any employee to update the content. This provides a collaborative approach.

Blog Module
For departments and individuals, blogs is a great way to keep the rest of the organisation informed with what is going on or what the latest developments are. A blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Discussion Board
The Discussion board allows various topics to be discussed pertaining to the organisation, and discussions about future activities.

Survey Module
Using surveys, an organisation can find out preferences and obtain statistical data from employees. More information about the Survey Module.

Classifieds Module
Use the Classifieds Module to allow employees to post classifieds, such as items to buy or items they wish to sell.