What's an Intranet?

An intranet is a company-wide system that uses an Internet browser and other tools. It operates on the LAN (Local Area Network) and can consist of HTML files or more complex pages containing programming solutions with dynamic information.

Employees have access to company documents, events calendars, news items and much more. An intranet is totally customizable and can be made to your specifications in terms of look and feel and modules required.

Maintenance Plan
The long term success of any software project depends to a large extend to continuous upgrade and enhancement. This is handled by the Maintenance Plan.

The Intranet should not only be a once-off development, but should be able to adapt to strategic corporate changes. The Modular approach of the Intranet enables it to be very dynamic and allows add-on functionality and integration of new Modules. click here to find out more about modules

The Maintenance Plan provides the peace of mind to the Client that the Intranet deliverables will not only survive, but also grow with the company and the industry. The maintenance plan will enable you to continue to customize the Intranet as their business requires various tweaks and changes.

The intranet could be protected by a firewall or by a secure socket system that provides only access to controlled usernames and passwords. This provides the benefit of sharing confidential information among selected staff members.

Full Training will be provided for each intranet module after the system has been installed. With the installation of the software comes skills transfer, as Intoweb skills up employees in the administration and use of the Intranet system.

Product Upgrades
Users will have the opportunity to submit possible changes/ideas to enhance the system. A document called a ECP (Engineering Change Proposals) will be completed by the client and submitted to the Intranet Project Team. A proposed change/idea will be evaluated to see if it could benefit the system for all clients. If so, it will be incorporated into a new software version/release, which will be provided to existing clients free of charge.