Consultancy Services:

  • Consultancy is an advisory service contracted for and provided to organisations by specially trained and qualified persons called "a consultant", who in an objective manner assist the client organisation to identify management problems and recommend solutions for these problems

  • Intoweb consultancy services are provided by individuals who provides expert advise to organisations who require a we industry specific knowledge and services.

How Intoweb assist with Consultancy Service:

Intoweb provides consultancy services to organisations to come up with solutions that best meet your companies individual requirements.

  • e-Consultancy Service:
    Intoweb also provides best fit solutions to meet individual requirement, because not all organisations have the same need . Intoweb also assists in improving your business and outsmarting your competitors, with our business analyst capabilities:
    • Conducting needs analysis assessments
    • Troubleshooting / creative problem solving skills
    • The ability to analyse, translate and define business requirements into technical solutions
    • We are able to develop customised strategic and technology planning approaches
  • IT Consultancy Service:
    Our IT specialists are analytical thinkers who have a broad understanding of a wide variety of technologies that can be deployed to solve business problems. IT consultancy includes the development of your website or intranet in such a way that Data and processes are efficiently used and stored.
  • Online Marketing Consultants
    Clients who opt for the SEO solution not only recieve feedback on their websites statistics but also recieve search engine optimisation for their website to ensure increased traffic to their websites.
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