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Consultancy Service

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Companies need Consultancy Service for the following reason:

  • Consultancy is an advisory service contracted for and provided to organisations by specially trained and qualified persons called " a consultant", who in an objective manner assist the client organisation to identify management problems and recommend solutions for these problems

  • A consultant is an individual whom provides expert advise to organisations who require a particular type of knowledge or service for a specific period of time, thus providing an economy to the client.

  • Consultancy is also an activity in which a person attempts to change or improve a situation although the person does not have direct control over it.

How Intoweb assist with Consultancy Service:

Intoweb provides consultancy services to organisations to come up with best fit solutions to meet individual requirements.

  • Consutants:
    Intoweb provide IT consultants who have business analyst capabilities meaning they have both IT and business capabilities, to provide you with the best solution for your organisation's IT problems
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  • e-Consutancy Service:
    Intoweb also provides best fit solutions to meet individual requirement, because not all organisations have the same need .
    Intoweb assist also in improving your business and outsmarting your competitors, with our business analyst capabilities:
    • Conducting needs analysis assessments
    • Troubleshooting / creative problem solving skills
    • The ability to analyse, translate and define business requirements into technical solutions
    • We are able to develop customised strategic and technology planning approaches
    • Our IT specialists are analytical thinkers who have a broad understanding of a wide variety of technologies that can be deployed to solve business problems
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  • IT Consultancy Service:
    These services are provided by a team of experts that possess IT and business knowledge, they will work together to analyse your individual IT need, develop customised solutions that are most suitable to your organisation and also cost effective .
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