IT Skills Development

IT (Information Technology) consists of all types of formats. IT skills development and training drives business performance and ensures that your company maintains industry standards. Intoweb's IT skills training can be seen as the  best training of its kind in South Africa today. Training instructors at Intoweb are all working in the fields that they lecture in and give hands -on comprehensive training to ensure that learners develope the necessary skills in the following software programmes:

HTML skills training :   Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language you will use to create Web pages. A good knowledge of HTML are often considered a solid skills base on which to further ones IT skills development. html
XML skills training :   A person with XML skills can adjust and built software applications to make greater use of the data. XML simplifies the "instructions" needed by applications, as well as removing expensive, complicated and time-consuming processes. xml
Javascript skills training :   JavaScript enables the user to incorporate scripts within website pages to add dynamic effects and functionality, as well as manipulate the behaviour on web pages. Being able to Javascript is a usefull skill for both web development and web design.javascript
PHP skills training :   PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language which is taking the IT industry by storm. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. php
ASP skills training :   Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side scripting environment that you can use to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications.
PC Networking skills training :   Knowledge on computer networking is becoming vital to office and home businesses with multiple PC's. PC Networking is a very practical IT skill. networking
Linux skills training :   Linux, per se, is only the kernel of the operating system, the part that controls hardware, manages files, separates processes, and so forth. There are several combinations of Linux with sets of utilities and applications to form a complete operating system. linux
My SQL training   Develope MySQL relational database management systems, the open source way.
Python training   Python is often used for GIS applications and provides an open source, cross-platform solution to processig information. python
Webmaster skills training :   In order to become a fully trained webmaster you should have fundamental skills that will allow you to manage your website. Intoweb has bundled 6 courses into one solution to ensure skills development in all the key areas of web design and development. asp
Flash skills training :   Flash is used to create high impact animated websites and interactive presentations with sound. A good use of Flash skills contribute to the overall experience of the user. flash
Actionscript training:  

Learn how to actionscript In Flash to extend the functionality of your current Flash skills and knowledge.flash_actionscr

Dreamweaver training :   Dreamweaver is a powerful Web authoring tool that can be used to create highly professional websites. freehand
Paint Shop Pro skills training :   Photo editing software package that contain additional web tools that are able to map and slice images to easily incorporate ones graphics into HTML. graphicdesign
Adobe Photoshop CS skills training:   PhotoShop is a widely used image editing application from Adobe, often used as a benchmark for other imaging applications.. photoshop
Fireworks skills training :   Fireworks is a powerful image editing and graphics design program, that is aimed primarily at Web designers. fireworks
Groupwise software skills training :   GroupWise is a very popular and dynamic system that allows users to send and receive e-mails, set signatures, maintain an electronic calendar, manage documents, and much more. groupwise
Microsoft Office skills training :   Microsoft has developed brilliant software for office and home use. The problem is that most users are not proficient at utilizing all the features, thus leading to a less than optimal use of the software. office
Open Office skills training :   The course takes you from the basics to the complexities of OpenOffice, should you know MS Office your skills will be transferred to OpenOffice within 4 hours. openoffice

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