IT Support

Information technology has been gradually shaping the way organisations do busy on a daily basis. It is becoming more and more important to note the fact that customer service, operations, product and marketing strategies, and distribution are heavily, or sometimes entirely, dependent on information technology. IT is as a consequence becoming a vital part of everyday business and thus supplying IT support to ensure that information technology runs smoothly within an organisation is essential for overall success and the provision of the best customer services possible.

IT support focuses on providing high quality customer service to make sure that web sites pertain to the specifications of a client's needs and wants. This is done so that these web sites will ultimately benefit the success of a client's business, so as to keep them completely happy and satisfied with the Internet services they are supplied with. IT support is committed to providing technical support to clients the instant they require it in order to ensure the efficient delivery of the desired results to be achieved by their web sites. Focusing on providing adequate IT support services means that aid is given to manage costs, improve performance, and keep the core business needs in mind; when creating and maintaining a web site for a client.

Customer Service Strategies

Good time management is a vital skill which needs to be mastered by the team performing IT support. Pressing and conflicting client demands make it tough for IT support personnel to effectively manage daily tasks and deadlines and they therefore need to apply certain strategies for the results clients are demanding from their web sites. There are a number of strategies the IT support department can utilise with consideration to supplying customer services which are top-notch. These strategies focus on delivering to the client all of that for which they request through web-based solutions.

  • find and retain the best IT support personnel
  • increase productivity and professionalism through good management
  • improve service quality by setting standards, compiling information, and benchmarking operations
  • customer feedback can be used to avoid problems and improve service quality
  • retain valuable customers by increasing customer loyalty and retention by identifying, measuring, and exceeding customer expectations
  • use new technologies that are able to handle increased volume and reduce costs using Internet-based services such as email, web chart, and speech recognition

Live Chat Software

Live chat software which has been developed for the improvement of IT support can be used as a cost-effective tool with the ability to aid in better and more enhanced customer service as a web-based solution. With one click of the mouse, visitors to a web site can contact your IT support team for live assistance provided through a live chat support system. Being able to engage with online customers in real time is extremely beneficial to all businesses with a web site investment because this gives their customers personalised and timely services they can trust. With this integrated online customer service platform customer satisfaction can be elevated and a reduction in service costs experienced. Further benefits of implementing live chat software for the provision of IT support include:

  • reasonably priced
  • high in quality
  • flexible and customisable
  • secure
  • easy to setup
  • easy to use

Because a lack of trust can be most noted as the reason why web site visitors are hesitant to buy online, using live chat software as part of the ecommerce solution is a great way to increase sales by improving trust and customer loyalty. Web site visitors of ecommerce sites need to know that they are dealing with a company that has a good reputation and the provision IT support with a live chat function is therefore the best way to provide them with the input and advice they want when considering the purchase of a product online. Live chat solutions can in this way help with, an increase in sales by reducing shopping cart abandonment, increasing customer confidence, and initiating live chats with visitors and, an improvement on your support through better leverage staff, being available for instant answers, and delivering prepared answers.

How Intoweb Can Help:

Intoweb understands that the smooth technical operations on offer to clients of vital importance. We therefore make sure the IT support we make available to clients who host web site with us or those for whom we have installed Linux and Windows servers, are the best that we can provide and that their money can buy. Intranet support is also provided by our IT support team if an intranet has been uploaded onto these servers. IT support also includes the regular backing up of web sites and databases as well as support for GPRS web sites and Asterisk telephone lines set up by Intoweb.

Additional services provided by Intoweb being fundamentally beneficial to our clients are listed as follows:

  • Value for money provision of IT support in the management of all Internet technologies, most commonly a web site
  • System monitoring as a proactive service for the identification of potential issues which could result in disastrous problems.
  • We can ensure more productivity and profitability resulting from your web site by providing cost-effective solutions through IT support in order to prevent web site downtime.
  • Systems and applications management is offered to decrease the time spent on change and configuration management. We prevent web site systems from going down so that a client will not suffer any damages in possible sales which might have been obtained from the web site during this time of non-operation.
  • IT support will install the latest updates and patches for all clients.
  • Outsourcing IT support and services to Intoweb ultimately takes the stress out of performing in-house IT management.
  • Intoweb has the ability to maximise return on investment, improve web site performance and agility, and enhance productivity by providing IT support that is reliable and trustworthy with the knowledge that we get things done.
  • By implementing state-of-the-art strategic information systems for clients, we can deliver them with IT support which will help give them a competitive advantage within the global business industry.

Intoweb's Internet Professionals are always ready and standing by to aid in consulting, development and technical IT support of web sites. With our web analysis team, Intoweb can help you to find the flaws in your web site and fix them up, providing you with a greater presence on the world wide web. For more information concerning the services in IT support which Intoweb has for offer and the ways in which your company can benefit from outsourcing this support available for overall business and web site improvement, Contact Us