Linux is an operating system which is available in a number of different distribution packages. A Linux distribution fundamentally includes a version of the Linux operating system kernel as well as other applications, tools, and utilities. These Linux distributions furthermore include a Linux kernel which is specialised and has been modified according to the unique purposes of an individual machine and to who initially created the distribution. Various Linux distributions are currently available and can be listed as namely:

  • Caldera
  • Gentoo
  • GNU/Linux
  • Lindows/Linspire
  • Debian
  • Mandrake
  • Red Hat
  • Slackware
  • SuSE

Using Linux as a Desktop Operating System

For the average computer user today with no knowledge in Linux or Unix, it will be impossible to have the ability to simply install the Linux software and immediately start using it. This is for the reason that Linux is a highly complex operating system and learning Linux is a process that takes time and requires a degree of guidance on the part of Linux professionals for appropriate use. Therefore, Intoweb has a training course available to aid in the this adequate learning of Linux and trains beginners in Linux in the fundamentals of this operating first and foremost, and hereafter delving into the more advanced features that Linux boasts.

The battle between Linux and Windows in on to discover which operating system provides the best solution for the desktop. After conducting numerous tests, it has been discovered that there are a number of things that Linux offers to its users that Windows does not. These advanced Linux elements of the standard Linux operating system aid a Linux beginner to better perform their everyday tasks and can in turn be discussed as follows:

  • Linux as a Graphics-Based Desktop PC System: Linux can be used as a personal desktop for the home PC because it is a graphics-based operating system. Linux therefore makes for the ideal desktop PC system, grouping dozens of pieces of hardware and software components that interact together, making the Linux operating system incredibly user-friendly and functional, aiding in better computer use.
  • Linux as a Stable Network Server: The power of Linux lies in the fact that it is a stable, text-based web, file, and print server. Because Linux is based on Unix it is fundamentally a networking operating system and hereby does not produce the problems which occur with the open text-based architecture of Windows.
  • Linux as a Cost-Effective Solution: Large corporations are more and more identifying the cost-effectiveness and scalability that Linux offers to them. Cost benefits of Linux include lower upgrading costs, and hiring a team of Linux experts is better than the costs involved in having to pay enormous Microsoft licensing fees.

How Can Intoweb Help?

Intoweb is specialised in giving information and support to Linux users and every individual who is interested in learning Linux and the operating system in its entirety. With Intoweb, learning Linux is easy and can be achieved within a number of days. Intoweb is a great knowledge base from which students can feed off during their process of learning Linux. For Intoweb, learning Linux means knowing Linux inside and out, and this is what we aim to do through the Linux training courses which we provide.

The big problem with learning Linux comes with the fact that the Linux operating system consists of so many tools and commands alongwith a number of methods for accomplishing each task. For this reason, Intoweb aims to simplify these tools and commands into a basic structure for easy learning. As such, Intoweb's Linux training courses for better learning Linux concentrate on placing the tools and commands of Linux into a structure of the following fundamentals:

  • Installation and the Internet
  • System Administration
  • Multimedia and Hardware Installation
  • Networks and Servers
  • Linux Files and Command References
  • Linux Programming

By attending our training for learning Linux, you will achieve the results you want for the effective and efficient use of the Linux operating system. For further information on becoming a part of the Linux phenomenon and to sign up for Intoweb's program for learning Linux.