Linux is an operating system with the basic set of programs and utilities required for a computer to run. However, for a computer run it needs more than just an operating system but also additional applications to make it useful and actually work. Linux distributions therefore contain more than just the operating system but include a combination of Linux tools such as text and web editors, browsers, email programs, documentation, graphics applications, spreadsheets, etc. Linux is furthermore free software in the sense that it is distributed alongwith its source code. To elaborate on this, any person who received Linux has the freedom to change the source code and redistribute it as they please.

Because Linux is a highly complex and often intimidating operating system, many Linux expert companies have developed training courses which make for easy learning and understanding of Linux. The Intoweb Linux training courses focus on teaching the basics of Linux as an introduction to this operating system; with more advanced Linux capabilities being taught as training progresses and students have successfully grasped the Linux basics. The ultimate goal of Intoweb with consideration of the Linux basics training which we offer is to provide to students all the necessary skills and information for successful use of Linux.

Course Content for Learning Linux Basics

In everything it is important to start at the beginning. This is the same in the case of Linux training. By teaching Linux basics as the core elements in training, these courses give a foundation from which to work and fundamentally grow. The following are the Linux basics which are predominant in the course content of the majority of Linux training:

  • An Introduction to Linux: This includes logging in and user accounts and the actions related to files and directories such as changing the contents of a file, file name matching and specifying multiple files, file permissions, commands for examining file contents, etc.
  • Linux Utilities: Including regular expressions, stream editor, the global regular expression processor, re-order input lines, etc. Actions to be made using these utilities can be listed as piping and redirecting these Linux utilities, locating a file system, removing columns, and finding out about commands.
  • Compiler and Development Tools: Students attending Linux training will learn how to compile and develop tools for Linux and how to use, edit and plan the concurrent versions system.
  • The Components of a Web-Based Solution: Key features of the Linux operating system are taught as well as scripting, embedded, and compiled languages. The elements of an IT solution under Java, Unix, Solaris, and Linux are also discussed.
  • HTML: A summary is given of standard tags, page structure, new lines, and special characters, regarding HTML.
  • Shell Programming: Involves lessons given in what shell programming is alongwith a discussion of its variables, scripting and functions, and how to most effectively use this.

How Can Intoweb Help by Teaching Linux Basics?

The majority of computer users are scared away from using Linux for the reason that they think it is too difficult and they do not feel skilled enough to use this operating system. This is where Intoweb comes in. By supplying these intimidated computer users with training courses in Linux basics, they will see in turn that Linux is not as complex as it may appear to be.

Linux offers computer users a combination of power and freedom which can often lead to irresponsible actions being made. After attending Intoweb's Linux basics training, a user will be able to control this given power and freedom in a responsible manner, by learning about Linux actions and when and why these are made at particular times. The actions which can be made in Linux include the following, to name but a few:

  • Logging in
  • Using the shell
  • Network and dial up network configuration
  • Networking fundamentals
  • Preparing for the networking configuration
  • Configuring the loopback adapter
  • Configuring basic networking
  • Connecting to your Internet Service Provider
  • Configuring the domain name service to function on a dialup connection
  • Configuring send mail to function on a dialup connection
  • Testing and troubleshooting you basic and dial configuration

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