About Linux Desktop Computers

Linux on desktop computers is becoming a popular operating system to use. The reason for this is that people using it often report that Linux Desktop computers can go for days without being rebooted compared to computers that use other operating system. At Intoweb we offer Linux for desktop computers. Clients can bring their desktop computers and we can install it for them.

Intoweb realised that some people are fed up with viruses, spyware and some simply wish to avoid the high cost of licensing other operating system, so it decided to offer this application to people.

Intoweb is one of the leading website designer's in South Africa not only do they offer the best websites they even offer training for different applications including linux and support ,installation,configuration and maintanance for linux

Applications offered on the Linux server are as follows:
Proxy server (Squid),Mail server (Sendmail),Firewall (iptables) and ect

To find out more about Linux offered by Intoweb, contact us: