LINUX Education

Linux as an operating system with subsequent development as 'free' open source software, has increased its popularity and demand among home and corporate computer software users. With the affordance of a fully-functional computer desktop solution, Linux is proving to be great competition with the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. Linux is furthermore a fast and reliable operating system, with the ability to accommodate several users, act as an Internet server, and support an easy to use graphical interface. Getting started with Linux has however been identified as a daunting task because its appearance is one which seems at first glance, complex to the untrained eye. Consequently, Linux education has become widely available and accessible to untrained eyes. This enables them to acquire intimate Linux operating system knowledge and skills required for effective computer software use.

Linux education is dedicated to furthering the use of Linux computer software. Well-defined courses are provided for the purpose of effective learning and training in Linux. Linux education courses aim to include creating a knowledgeable community of Linux software users, also keeping them up to speed with all of the functionalities and applications which Linux computer software supplies. Included in these Linux education courses are the following:

  • the basics such as logging in, listing files, logging out, and links to Linux sites
  • basic commands for the manipulation and viewing of files
  • the text editor with an introduction to vi and vi practice with a shell script
  • file permissions, how they work in Unix, and how to change them
  • network utilities such as FTP, Telnet, Ping, and Traceroute
  • archiving utilities such as Gzip, Tar, bzip2
  • an overview of Linux File system, including locations of system files and programs
  • basic Linux system admin involving the root account, file ownership, and user administration

There are a number of Linux education solutions at present attainable from Linux specialists who are expert in the use of Linux computer software. Receiving Linux education and solutions from these specialists, Linux users can gain the skills and knowledge required. Full advantage can be taken of all that Linux computer software offers, in terms of a desktop computer, servers, networks, and all-in-all a fully-functional operating system. Intoweb is one of several Linux experts who are currently specializing in the provision of Linux education through Linux computer software training courses. Intoweb as a Linux expert and with nine years experience in the IT industry, is aptly able to offer Linux education.

How Can Intoweb Help By Offering Linux Education?

The best method of learning Linux education given by Intoweb focuses on providing individual hands-on experience. At Intoweb we have the latest Linux educational resources which keep us up to date with the most current computer software of Linux. This is growing daily in popularity. Intoweb gives Linux education is presented in a classroom format, thus enabling the student flexibility and greater control over the process of Linux education, and ensuring better learning results.
Linux education provided by Intoweb includes:

  • The use of Linux education material and equipment which is valid and of top quality.
  • Personal attention from instructors to each individual student.
  • Linux education which is reasonably priced.
  • Customized courses proven for effective Linux education.

For more information to sign up for the Linux education offered by Intoweb, thus experiencing the benefits of making our company your number one choice for obtaining skills and knowledge in the Linux computer software currently available, Contact Us Today