Linux is currently one of the fastest growing operating systems to date, aimed at those wishing to migrate from over-used and implemented Microsoft products to Linux operating system. Intoweb has consequentially developed a Linux training course specifically having in mind the Linux beginner and enabling the newcomers to do all that they have learnt with MS Windows, and more.

Linux Skills

Basic skills are required for the adequate use of Linux so that correct functioning of this operating system will be materialized . The following skills are taught to all attending Linux training courses specifically designed for beginners:

  • Perform common tasks in file maintenance
  • How to use and customise the GNOME interface
  • Install software, configure the network and authentification, install and configure various services with the use of graphic tools
  • How to open, edit, and save text documents by using the vi editor
  • Perform common tasks with the use of the GNOME graphic user interface
  • How to issue vital Linux commands from the command line
  • The ability to install, upgrade, delete, and query packages
  • Skills for customising an X-Window system

What Does Intoweb Offer?

Intoweb has subsequently designed a Linux course specifically for Linux beginners who have little or no experience or knowledge of the Linux operating system. In order to be able to perform the most basic tasks, the Intoweb Beginners Linux course includes learning the introductory commands needed to be known by the students attending our training. As the course progresses, Linux beginners are taught more complex commands and concepts. These can be greatly utilized, once further experience in Linux has been obtained. To elaborate, by following the lessons and Linux tricks given by Intoweb in the form of our Linux training courses, an Intoweb Linux student will be able to make efficient use of the Linux operating system.

As already highlighted, Linux training for beginners, aims at teaching newcomers the Linux operating system, the skills and knowledge required, for initiating the basic use of this operating system. Topics included in the Beginners Linux course provided by Intoweb include the following basics:

An Introduction to Linux:

  • as a business solution
  • applications
  • cross-platform, peripheral, and network support
  • Installing Linux

Computing the Linux Way:

  • Linux memory management
  • Linux disk management
  • Linux communications
  • the Linux kernel

Issues in Linux Administration:

  • initialising Linux
  • kernel and peripheral management
  • access control
  • security issues

Additional Features:

  • graphical user interfaces
  • Linux resources

Intoweb has more than nine years of experience in the IT industry and on a daily basis makes use of the Linux operating system. For this reason, we should be your number one choice when considering applying for beginners training in Linux. Obtain information about this fabulous offer, and details for signing up for Intoweb's Linux training for beginners by simply Contacting Us at