What are Linux Hosting Services?

To better understand what Linux hosting services are, one needs to know what each word mean. Linux is a server operating system. Hosting refers to putting web site on the internet.

Intoweb and Linux Hosting Services
Intoweb provides Linux hosting service at 3Meg.p.s download speeds. We do backups of all web sites every week in two secure separate off line storages. We don't just host web sites, Intoweb also mantains websites. We have an SEO department that will ensure that your website gets as much visitors as possible.

Small business solutions



Econo hosting

Static websites with low traffic (500mb transfer pm)

Basic hosting

Normal sized websites with medium traffic (1 gig transfer pm)

Database hosting

Hosting including databases

Delux hosting

Includes website mirror in the States

E-commerce website

Allow people to buy online using credit cards

Maintenance package

2h pm, accumulating each next month


Monthly search engine registration and report more details...

Prioritise changes

Ensure all changes are done within 24h (working days)


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