For a company to have a successful website, it needs to have this website hosted on a server such as Linux, which needs to be proficient at all times in order to achieve the results these companies wish to at the end of the day. Linux proficiency plays an important role in the Internet today and so Intoweb is currently striving towards playing a big part in making this increased proficiency in Linux a reality by offering specialised courses or Linux lessons.

Linux lessons are given with a focus on students and an aim to give them a greater understanding of Linux and the necessary for performing functions with the tools provided. Starting from the beginning and moving over to more advanced Linux features, these available Linux lessons are ideal for anyone wishing to broaden their expertise and skills in computer operating systems.

Course Outline in Linux Lessons

Linux lessons and courses provided by our numerous Linux professionals are of a professional level and requisites for students to attend include a basic understanding of computer and networking concepts, as a well as a familiarity and experience in working with a keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, the majority of all Linux lessons as given in training courses pertain to the following course outline:

  • The basics of Linux
  • Linux administration
  • User and group administration
  • File and directory management
  • Networking with Linux
  • Task scheduling with Cron
  • Integrating Linux with Unix or Windows
  • Disk quota management
  • Linux network services
  • Linux mail and Internet services
  • Desktop sharing with virtual network computing
  • Configuring security in a Linux environment
  • Linux performance monitoring

How Can Intoweb Help?

At Intoweb we believe in the provision of only the best services and so our Linux lessons strive to ensure that every student attending our Linux training gets their money worth and achieve the results initially had when signing up for our Linux lessons. Our Linux lecturers are exceptionally qualified and skilled and offer help and support of an outstanding standard. These Linux professional are experienced trainers and have the ability to answer any questions a student may be struggling with during a Linux lesson. Support is furthermore given to students after Linux lessons have taken place in any problems they may be experiencing in the operation of their Linux systems.

Besides giving Linux lessons, Intoweb can also install, configure and provide Linux support on any of the following applications which can meet your unique and individual needs:

As to be identified from the above information, there is so much Intoweb can do for you when you attend our Linux lessons. So, do not let this opportunity pass by, Contact Us today and sign up for Intoweb's Linux lessons at