Linux Migration refers to a company switching over from a Windows based operating system to a linux operating System. Both Although Windows and Linux perform similar functions their properties and benefits are different.

The most common reasons to companies go through with Linux Migration are as follows:

  • lower costs
  • better performance
  • fewer viruses
  • a more stable platform
  • more control over the technology
Linux can be described as being a Unix-type operating system. The system has been written and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. This means that its source code is freely-distributed and available to the general public. Windows is the operating system from Microsoft. The Windows source code is proprietary. This implies that only Microsoft programmers can see it and work on it (, 2005).

Intoweb can assist in the full migration from windows to Linux for your company.

The first step in Linux migration is to select Linux Distributions. For the longtime Windows user, choosing a Linux distribution can be confusing. Microsoft, to their credit, makes choosing Windows very simple. It usually comes with the computer you buy, already installed. Linux, on the other hand, is fragmented into numerous "distributions". Most modern operating systems, which include Linux, are composed of two parts: a small central piece called the "kernel" and a larger piece that has the applications and drivers. Linux distributions have pretty much the same kernel, but differ in the applications they offer. Intoweb chooses/advices the distribution option to best meet your companies need.

As a crucial part of the linux Migration process Intoweb does a hardware compatibility test to ensure that all your hardware (graphics cards, ports etc) will operate smoothly with your new operating system.

The next step is to Install the Linux Operating System and Opensource Software. For example the Microsoft office equivalent in Opensource is a software package called Open Office. All Microsoft documents can be opened in Open Office and can be saved in common file formats such as "doc", "xls" and "ppt".

Document migration allows you to move all documentation saved to your windows system over to your new linux system. Mail settings, address books, bookmarks can also be transfered. The entire linux migration process is monitored by the Intoweb Support team who stand ready to advise you as to the best solutions for your company.

Linux Training
Intoweb provides Linux training courses in the following Linux skills:

  • Linux Essentials
  • Linux Networking
  • Linux Security
  • Linux GUI System administration course 100a
  • Linux GUI System networking course 100b