With the growing importance of computer usage in conducting everyday business activities, there have been a number of developments in the computer software industry, resulting in company expansion and success. Such a software development which has become of great popularity over the subsequent years can be identified as Linux. Linux is great computer software and can be leveraged in a number of different ways. Linux functions as the operating system of a computer and can be used as a desktop which includes all plus additions to that of Microsoft package offers.

With the growing popularity of Linux, there has consequently been a growing demand for learning how to effectively operate this computer software by obtaining skills in the tools and applications provided. Therefore a number of Linux schools have sprung up across the globe providing in-house experience and knowledge in skills for the effective operation of the Linux computer software. Linux training is given for learning specialized Linux operating system and desktop. This is what the Linux school of Intoweb aims to provide to all those wishing to gain expertise in Linux.

Learning Linux

As mentioned above, learning Linux requires an in-depth study of the actual operating system and the tools and applications provided to its users for conducting everyday computer tasks. In order to effectively learn Linux it needs to be understood that Linux is only the kernel of the operating system and the part that controls hardware, manages files, separates processes, etc. Currently, there are a great number of Linux combinations available on the market, which have unique sets of utilities and applications to form the final product of a complete operating system. These Linux combinations are more commonly referred to as Linux distributions and hence the training given by Linux schools learning to students of specific Linux distributions. Linux is furthermore completely free, a reimplementation of the POSIX specification, with SYSV and BSD, and available in both source code and binary form.

As can be taken from the above-mentioned information, learning Linux is a very involved process and requires a student to be completely committed to the gaining of good and applicable skills and knowledge. Intoweb Linux School’s main objective is to ensure that this is the case with every student signed up for learning Linux.

Learning Linux through Intoweb Linux school, is effective and proves the results desired. With this purpose in mind the following courses are made available (click for further course details):

  • Linux Essentials
  • Linux Networking
  • Linux Security
  • Linux GUI System administration course 100a
  • Linux GUI System networking course 100b

What Does the Intoweb Linux School Offer?

Intoweb as a Linux school offers training for the effective learning of skills required to make good use of the latest currently available Linux computer software. The emphasis focused on by the Intoweb Linux school is placed entirely on students broadening their expertise in computer software by learning Linux and obtaining new skills. The Linux school of Intoweb makes Linux training available within a particular course structure to ensure effective learning of Linux.
Therefore the course structure implemented by the Linux training school focuses on the following:

  • Personal interaction between student and lecturer
  • The courses provided by Intoweb Linux school are inclusive of continuous assessment, ensuring that the student stays in touch and has learnt what is necessary before proceeding to the next step.
  • At the beginning of the course, Linux training is focused purely on the facts and teaching the essential basic skills required for the optimum use of the Linux software. Once each student has grasped these essentials, further complex skills and techniques will be taught.
  • The training material used by the Linux training school consists of an inapt textbook and not amateur lecture notes which could lead to confusion.
  • Training in real-life projects is given by the Intoweb Linux School, so that students, after attending the Linux training course, will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained and used in everyday situations.
  • Once the Linux course has been completed, the student is tested to ensure that all that is required for appropriate Linux software usage, and taught by the Intoweb Linux school, has been effectively grasped.

Intoweb is a qualified well-renowned Linux school based in South Africa, with years of experience in the IT industry and in-house expert specialists used to train Linux computer software. So, when considering a company from which to obtain Linux computer software training, do not hesitate, Contact Us Today