Intoweb is a leading Linux skills training company based in South Africa with Linux trainers who have the expertise and experience required for getting the desired results from every student in acquiring the fundamental Linux skills needed. Intoweb’s training philosophy is based on teaching the basic fundamental Linux skills, rather than giving advanced knowledge. Linux courses are built around the common principles which apply to all Linux distributions and the basic tools this operating system contains.

The fundamental Linux skills which form the core foundation of the Intoweb Linux training courses include learning the following Linux basics:

  • The Unix and Linux command line
  • Searching files with regular expressions
  • The diversity of Linux documentation
  • Text editing with Vi
  • Processes and jobs
  • Filesystem concepts, design and maintenance, use, and security
  • Booting and run levels
  • Managing user accounts and configuration files
  • Scheduling, logging, and backup
  • Installing software
  • The Linux kernel
  • The X Window system
  • Advanced shell usage
  • Shell scripting and configuration
  • TCP/IP networking configuration
  • Basic configuration of Apache

Linux Fundamentals Training

Linux fundamentals training for teaching Linux skills is generally geared for professionals such as programmers, power users and developers who work on a daily basis, in a Linux environment;
Software and hardware engineers who need to establish a foundation in the Linux system;
System administrators who plan to do future work on Linux systems. Linux training is therefore provided for those who need to obtain Linux skills and achieve greater success through their use of the Linux operating system.

Linux courses are designed with a focus on the above professionals. Those attending Linux courses with the view to obtaining better hands-on Linux skills, need the following basic requirements:

  • A familiarity with basic computing and programming concepts
  • Knowledge of another operating system for using to your advantage
  • Beneficial knowledge gained from working in a user environment

The Linux courses provided by Intoweb are however easy to understand, purely because they include the fundamental basics of Linux. Students without even the slightest degree of knowledge in the Linux operating system, will leave the course gaining Linux skills which are notably applicable to any real-life computing situation.

What Can Intoweb Do For You?

The Intoweb Linux training course covers the competencies and skills which are identified as being the key to empower Linux users and developers in applying this operating system quickly and effectively for completing their everyday tasks. Intoweb provides a hands-on experience through our course when learning Linux skills and aim to ensure that all students completing a Linux course will be able to do the following:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the core underlying concepts of Linux
  • Make effective use of the various tools, commands and utilities available by learning the necessary Linux skills
  • Program the command shell/interpreter
  • Understand the file system of Linux
  • Carry out basic text manipulation with the Linux skills obtained during our Linux training

If you would like to attend a worthwhile Linux training course, why not consider Intoweb for obtaining all the essential Linux skills you will need for effective use of the Linux operating system. We are committed to teaching our students everything regarding the Linux operating systems, such as the basic Linux skills for adequate use. For more information on how to sign up for our Linux skills training courses, Contact Us at