The Linux operating system is ideal for users who prefer to manage their servers using a graphical user interface, and who wish to further extend their skills to include the Linux operating system. There are numerous training courses currently available to all who want to learn more and gain Linux tricks for better optimisation of the Linux operating system. Intoweb is a great source for receiving training in Linux.

Linux training is predominantly focused on implementing the operating system as a business solution and hereby addresses issues in administration and development. Linux courses aim to describe the method for choosing the best Linux distribution and installation media after explaining what is needed for Linux system installation and the procedures that follow. Linux training furthermore examines a number of vital issues in administration, security measures, graphical user interfaces, tools and elements, and available desktop managers. Linux is part of the Unix family system and therefore training often includes the acknowledgement of some of the most commonly used Unix tricks and skills.

Linux Tools and Elements

Linux was created with a number of in-house tools and elements which reflect the amazing capabilities and functions of this operating system for carrying out certain tasks. Linux can in a way be referred to as an improvement of the capabilities of MS Windows suite, as it provides more options and a greater usability emphasised in the design of this operating system. The basic tools and elements of Linux are listed as follows:

  • Configuration tools
  • Network services
  • The command line execution of graphic utilities
  • File system browsing
  • Configuring and scripting the bash shell
  • Standard I/O and pipes
  • Users, groups, and permissions
  • The Linux file system
  • String processing
  • Vi and vim editor basics and printing
  • Finding and processing files
  • Network clients

What Does Intoweb Offer?

Intoweb has designed Linux training courses combined with Linux tricks from which anyone can benefit and easily learn from, obtaining new knowledge and consequently new skills. Upon completion of the Linux courses which Intoweb offers, students will have attained the Linux tricks included and consequently the skills and knowledge needed for the efficient use of the Linux operating system. Intoweb places emphasis on the fact that students will be able to do the following after attending the Linux tricks and training courses we make available:

  • Reflect an understanding of the tools and elements of Linux
  • Assess the suitability of the Linux operating system in the typical business environment
  • Follow vital documents of relevance when installing a Linux operating system on an Intel-based system
  • Give a description of the important components directory trees and file systems
  • Initialise a Linux operating system efficiently
  • Locate and retrieve important system information
  • Display a clear understanding of all the access control mechanisms included in the Linux operating system

At Intoweb we aim to make sure that every student who attends our Linux training, leaves with the knowledge and skills needed for the correct utilisation of the Linux system. We furthermore specialise in offering Linux tricks which can be used for enhancing Linux and the use thereof. Further information can be received from Intoweb regarding the training services and Linux tricks which we offer in the Linux operating system by Contacting Us at