The deployment of Linux as the core operating system for large fortune 500 companies is growing at an exponential rate. The reliability, cost-effectiveness, and scalability of Linux solutions prove as key elements why Linux is here to stay. This is because this wide variety of benefits on offer to users who carry out Linux deployment are becoming more and more widely known, leading to the greater acceptance and recognisability of the Linux operating system, as well as the increasing demand for training and Linux workshops which are in effect required for the correct use of Linux.

Learning Linux

The Linux workshops that are currently available to all those Linux beginners wanting to obtain new skills, include a number of aspects related to effective use of the Linux operating system. As such Linux workshops on offer by Linux professionals covers the following for adequate learning in Linux training:

  • Variations and modifications of the Linux operating system
  • The tools and contributions supporting these Linux variations and modifications
  • Linux applications in real-time/life situations
  • The applications available for embedding Linux for real-time activities
  • Writing reports regarding progress of the Linux operating system in use
  • The supply of educational material in Linux

Intoweb Linux Course Objectives

There are a number of initial course objectives when it comes to the appropriate development and distribution of Linux workshops. These Linux workshop objectives are standard requirements for the effective use of the Linux operating system and generally include the following:

  • Perform a Linux installation
  • Compare Linux distributions
  • Get help when you need it
  • Understand and configure Linux' file systems
  • Assign permissions to shared resources
  • Administer users and groups
  • Recover from a lost root password
  • Use Web-based administration tools
  • Establish and enforce disk quotas
  • Share resources with other UNIX computers using NFS
  • Share resources with Windows computers using Samba
  • Configure email services
  • Configure networking services including DHCP and DNS
  • Configure Internet services including Apache Web server and FTP
  • Analyse, configure, and monitor Linux security
  • Use Linux as a router
  • Build a Linux firewall
  • Use Linux to share an Internet connection
  • Automate administrative tasks with cron
  • Configure logging
  • Locate, view, and analyse syslog files
  • Troubleshoot Linux systems

How Intoweb Can Help:

Intoweb is a highly qualified and experienced Linux training company with 9 years of experience in the IT industry and consequent use of the Linux operating system. The Linux workshops which we offer therefore focus on giving a hands-on experience in real-life situations which occurs during the use of Linux. Intoweb gives each and every student the personal attention they deserve from our in-house Linux specialists giving training in our Linux workshops provided. We furthermore make use, not of amateur lecture notes, but of high quality Linux textbooks with the adequate amount of information to give proper support in the duration of a Linux workshops.

Intoweb currently offers 4 different Linux courses:
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  • Linux Essentials
  • Linux Networking
  • Linux Security
  • Linux GUI System administration course 100a
  • Linux GUI System networking course 100b

For more information concerning how you can benefit from signing up to our Linux workshops in order to learn all about what Linux has to offer as an operating system, then Contact Us today at