Manage your Website content
As the size and popularity of a website grows, it requires an ever-expanding number of people and processes to support it and keep it fresh and appealing, The Processes of managing the website content also become more complex. As a result, common issues arise repeatedly and with increasing frequency across corporate websites.

The challenges of managing website content are becoming greater all the time. Intoweb has developed a flexible Content Management System. It is an easy to use browser-based user interface with a “what you see is what you get” web page builder. The content management system provides unique benefits in that the system makes it possible for non-technical persons without any web development knowledge to create, expand and maintain and generally manage the website content of company owned websites. All information is hosted in a secure environment and only users that created the information will be able to change the contentby logging in with their designated username and password.

features vital to effectively managing your website content:

A CMS to enable collaboration
The CMS must provide the best tools for collaboration among all contributors to the content production process. Implementing a workflow control system coordinates activities across the enterprise thereby improving cross-departmental collaboration.

A CMS to provide Flexibility
Every production environment is different. A CMS must be built on extensible, task orientated components that developers and publishers can easily tailor to their specific requirements.

A CMS to simplify intergration
A CMS must provide clean interfaces for integration with other enterprise software. Virtually any type of content can be saved to popular version control systems, including text documents, source code and graphics.

A CMS to ensure performance
A CMS must effectively be able to support production environments with thousands of concurrent users and millions of active content items

Manage your website content

  • Allows authorised users and administrators to update certain sections of the website simply by logging on via the administration section.
  • Allows for information to be managed from remote locations throughout the world by multiple content managers and designated page owners.
  • Comprehensive workflow for ease of use.
  • Non-technical users control the content and behaviour.
  • e-Mail notification on content status changes.
  • Enhanced features in key areas such as content creation, archiving services, workflow and personalisation.
  • Standardise technology and features.
  • Various licensing models for corporate companies – ASP and enterprise models.
  • Requires no additional software – 100% browser driven.

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