What is Multimedia

Multimedia is animation, it can involve a combination of text, graphics and sound (video and audio) in one program. It can be used as a presentation or be included as part of a website. At Intoweb Multimedia is created using Macromedia Flash, which is a design and multimedia application. The combination of several media results in the powerful transfer of ideas to make information more interesting and attractive.

What do I need to create Multimedia
You will need to have a Macromedia Flash Player installed on your computer to view Flash movies (like the animation above). If you do not have the software you can download it at www.macromedia.com or click the icon to the right.

Intoweb and Multimedia
Intoweb has expert Flash Designers who have designed websites for many different industries. For a good look and feel on your website multimedia is a creative way to go. Intoweb also designs eyecatching CD and desktop presentation.

Multimedia Training
Intoweb provides multimedia training using macromedia flash. Textbooks are included, Intoweb does not provide amateur notes. For more information on Macromedia Flash training click here.

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