Our online advertising team strives to provide online advertising that stay true to the nature of the product and make sure that your products are visible on the internet, generating inquiries from clients. Online advertising plays an important role in the marketing of products on the Internet. At Intoweb our web designers and online advertising team provides customised quality web design as well as well placed advertising on the internet.

Although there are many forms of online advertising let us look at the most common ones:

Online Advertising using Newsletters

Newsletter systems developed by Intoweb are incorporated with a database of clients which can be divided into seperate mailing lists. At Intoweb online advertising strategies are spam free and an unsubscribe feature is always included in our newsletter templates. The design of newsletter templates in HTML are available and your company can choose to have a variety of custom made templates. I.E.: you may wish the newsletter that gets sent to suppliers to have a different look to newsletters being sent to clients.

Online Advertising with Internet Product Catalogues

The most useful feature of a website is the fact that it can promote your products anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Any website that lists information about their product ranges online has the potential to increase the sales and the profitability of their company. Depending on the size of your company and your online advertising budget you may wish to opt for one of three options.

  1. If your product range is large and often varies you may wish for a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is used for managing websites and web content and (after intial setup and customisation by Intoweb) can be updated by either you or your staff.
  2. eCommerce websites include the use of shopping baskets and online payments to make sales as convieniant as possible for both the client and the company selling the products.
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  3. Alternatively you could take advantage of our general design services which include the "population" of (adding of content to) your website whenever Intoweb designs or redesigns a website. The products and contact details are placed on static pages which display your product information.

Intoweb consultants are available to answer any questions you may have. Online adverting solutions can be customised and combined to suit your company needs. Click to contact us: