Online marketing consulting is performed with the concern of creating a business website in the form of a marketing tool for achieving company success and expansion into the greater markets of the world. Thus what online marketing consulting involves surrounds the creation and development of a website that will be seen by great numbers of people over the Internet, with the results of more customers and in turn an increase in company recognition among the masses. Online marketing consulting is based on carrying out all those functions connects to Internet marketing and includes activities which can be listed as follows:

  • demographic marketing research for determining the most suitable target market
  • keyword database research for determining the most relevant key phrases to be implemented for searches to be conducted on engines such as Google
  • marketing strategies to be implemented for achieving the ultimate goals of an online website solution
  • website design and, when needed, website redesign
  • search engine optimisation, marketing, submissions, and rankings
  • monitoring website statistics for identifying search engine marketing results and where improvements can be made

Because, as stated above, online marketing consulting is mainly concerned with Internet marketing in mind, it's practice is involved in those strategies and techniques that, when applied on the Internet, can support the overall marketing aims of a particular business. Online marketing consulting joins in of the use of the Internet marketing strategies available for the reason that the great results which these can provide in website and overall business improvement in the end are outstanding and beneficial to all. As such, these beneficial results which Internet marketing strategies are able to bring, include:

  • a cost reduction in advertising
  • attracting the correct target audience to the website, keeping them there, and transforming them into long-term loyal customers
  • an increased exposure to the international markets
  • the expansion of a businesses customer base and the resulting increase in sales
  • an improved company image and identity among the masses

What Can Intoweb Do in Online Marketing Consulting?

Intoweb is a specialist in online marketing consulting and can aid a business to improve their success and increase their customer base through the creation and development of a website to be placed on the World Wide Web. A website is a great, cost-effective marketing tool which offers a plentitude of benefits to businesses, when the application of the most effective tools is concentrated on. These marketing tools which aid a business website to become a success and which Intoweb utilises can be briefly discussed as including the following, to name but a few:

  • Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing
  • Search engine optimisation is a marketing tool that can be utilised for the improvement of the positioning of a website on the top search engines of the world when a search for a key phrase relative to that used in a particular website is made therein. Search engine optimisation utilises search engine strategies, competitive requirements analysis, and actual Internet search word research, for achieving things such as:

    • better visibility over the Internet
    • a reduction in costs for advertising
    • higher placement on top search engines

  • Website Content Writing
  • This is one of the most vital criteria for giving a website visitors that they are looking for to satisfy their needs. Writing website content is done so that the best position can be achieved on a search engine as a result of providing visitors with information on the web pages for which they are popularly searching. For writing good website content, activities such as the following should be performed:

    • creating text content that is relevant and informative
    • developing tools for easy navigation through the website
    • selecting and placing suitable graphics
    • including links to information in the website itself as well as to similar sites on the Internet

  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • A website can be utilised for the selling of products and services over the Internet by offering facilities such as shopping carts and enabling credit card and integrated order processing. By integrating ecommerce solutions onto a website a business can here through display their professionalism by keeping up to date with the latest technological solutions on the market. As such ecommerce services include:

    • website design
    • shopping chart integration
    • catalog administration
    • web advertising
    • online ordering

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