The online marketing strategies available from Intoweb are highly reliable and prove to get the best results possible with reference to the promotion and publicity of a company and promotion carried out on the web. Intoweb's marketing strategies range from internet marketing strategies to website marketing strategies which, in the end, boil down to the same key objective of getting the visitation of our clients websites to new and better heights. To elaborate upon this, the number of visits a particular website gets is indicative of the ultimate success of that website; further meaning that our online marketing strategies are effective in application. Online marketing strategies can be termed as the methods used for website advertising and promotion and these marketing strategies therefore need to have the innate characteristic, or ability, to be incorporated into any website in order to get the desired results through promotion.

E-Commerce and Online Shopping

An innovative online marketing strategy which Intoweb has adopted as a client service in the creation of their websites is that of e-commerce and online shopping. The development of online shopping websites on the Internet means the inclusion of e-commerce for the fundamental role that it plays. Intoweb desires to make it easy for those making online purchases of products and services available through our clients websites and we therefore only implement the best online marketing strategies such as e-commerce to present our clients in the best way possible. The use of Visa and Mastercards is dominating Internet trade and thus online shopping websites rely heavily upon a facility, which Internet provides, for allowing consumers to do this and buy almost anything they could possibly want while in the comfort of their own home.

Intoweb has developed a unique website B2B e-commerce enabled system with the goals of ultimate functionality, convenience and user-friendliness in mind when it comes to website development. We have the experience and can therefore create and develop a number of different types of websites including the highly advanced and greatly sought-after e-commerce website. Another way of describing what an e-commerce website entails is by defining it as the conduction of business communication and transactions over networds and through computers. E-commerce has been specifically developed and is used for online shopping on websites as well as allowing for hassle-free transfer of funds through digital communication.

Newsletter Systems and CD Presentations

The implementation of an effective newsletter system into a website fundamentally has the ability to improve interactivity with its users. The newsletter system functions as an online marketing strategy for this very reason as Internet users prefer to visit websites offering a personal yet professional atmosphere that they are most comfortable in and made to feel welcome. Newsletters give up-to-date information regarding company news and promotions so that the user is never left behind.

In conjunction to providing our online marketing strategy of creating newsletters for online websites, Intoweb is well-known for the CD presentations we create for added company promotion to clients without the required Internet connection to access websites. Another benefit obtained from this online marketing strategy is that Internet download time and therefore file size is no longer a problem. Animations and sound are combined with striking quality graphics to catch and hold the attention of all who witness them in action.

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So, to summarise, the above-mentioned online marketing strategies of Intoweb are only a percentage of what we can do for you when it comes to improving and marketing your company for increased publicity. Other online marketing strategies that can be implemented into our websites includes search engine optimisation and further promotional tools such as flash banners. We know that for a website to be a total success on the web the right online marketing strategy needs to be incorporated so that it will be noticed above the numerous other similar websites gathered on search engine lists.