Online marketing training is a specialised service provided by Intoweb in South Africa with the objective of teaching those interested the skills required for marketing companies and products on the worldwide web. Our online marketing training comes in various forms and we offer a number methods which can be applied to websites to aid in the activity of website promotion and online marketing. Intoweb is renowned for services rendered in online marketing training our highly trained and experienced personnel perform. After receiving training from Intoweb's courses available in online marketing, one can be sure that they will have the necessary knowledge to apply effective internet marketing solutions in everyday situations so that the best results will be achieved in company marketing. Online marketing training is but one of the marketing services available through Intoweb as we are a well-rounded web design and development company specialised in a number of activities and services. Online marketing training is however one of our most utilised services and will therefore be discussed further.

Training Systems

The training systems we implement in the process of online marketing training comes in the form of the Virtual Help Desk. Training is web based and a solution driven by an Intranet system. This unique method of training allows company employees to be trained up in necessary skills. With the use of the virtual help desk as the system for online marketing training, products from Windows, Novell and Office Products can be utilised. (It must however be included that Intoweb is not the only company offering online training on Novell products.) A benefit gained through our service in online marketing training is that support is still available after purchase of this product.

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Lecture Based Training

The training we offer is carried out by our skilled and experienced instructors. Our lecture based training is the best form of carrying out training because of the interaction occurring between instructor and student. The structured yet comfortable atmosphere in which lectures take place encourage students to ask questions after which they will immediately receive a clear explanation from the lecturer for that which they do not understand. Our online marketing training includes software and programming training. By obtaining your online training from Intoweb, you will receive the following amazing benefits:

  • Cost Effectiveness
    By outsourcing employee training to an outside company an immense decrease in fixed company costs will result as an internal training department will no longer be needed. The prices Intoweb charges for online marketing training are competitive as the cost includes lunch and a textbook for every student attending our training courses.
  • Experienced Experts performing Training
    The lecturers performing Intoweb's training courses are experienced experts in software and programming training, This is because each of our lecturers work and use the skills they teach everyday in their immediate work situation, thus ensuring that all courses offered are topical and practical.
  • A Professional Atmosphere for Training
    Intoweb offers a professional atmosphere in which training is performed. This professional environment enables focus to remain on the training itself by freeing inside resources for other purposes. Management of training is a further benefit enjoyed in a professional atmosphere.
  • Skills-based Training
    The training courses we offer are mostly skill-based as we use the hands-on approach for skills development and learning by clicking, while still covereing all necessary theory at the same time.
  • Concentrated Training over a specified duration of time
    Intoweb provides a structured classroom environment to carry our training lectures which means that employees required to learn skills will have no distracttions from what they are to learn. The training is therefore more effective and students will be able to focus all their attention onto the training and thus be able to develop a skill they can functionally use everyday.
  • Experienced source for Related Topics and Questions
    For the reason that our training is carried out by experienced experts who use their skills in everyday situations they can be a great source for quetions relating to their specific field. Students should feel free to ask their lecturers any relevant questions they have.

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To end, from the information given above, Intoweb can be relied upon for your company employee training as we have developed systems and skilled lecturers to perform such an activity as online marketing training involving software and programming training. We provide a wide variety of courses from which you can choose. Our virtual help desk training systems and lecture based training is the number one choice for those wishing to learn new functional skills.