Who are Open Source Coders

Coders also know as programmers are people who do computer programming and develop computer software. An Open source coder is responsible for developing and maintaining software on a large mainframe system or primarily for use on personal computers.

Intoweb has open source coders who develop codes in open source technology. Open source coders get pleasure from coding with open source because they are able to obtain the original source code, which makes it easy to resolve many problems in a very short space of time.

Intoweb is web site designing company that has programmers that develop some of their client's web site in open source technology. The technologies that are used by the Intoweb open source coders are the following:

This is a technology that the open source coders use to write their programs. Most website backend is performed in PHP in Intoweb because it is a popular engines behind the "live content" on the World Wide Web. We even rewrite peoples websites into PHP, so as to allow the clients to tap the vast potential of PHP.

The open source coder in Intoweb design their databases with PostgreSQL because it has been found to be the most powerful, open source relational database system.

The web server that the open source coders use at Intoweb is the Apache, because it is an open source web server that runs on most commonly used platforms.