Adobe Photoshop is one of the, if not the best and most powerful, programs used for editing and retouching digital images. Initially created with the purpose of making photo corrections, aiding in illustration, offering services in repress, and other activities specialised in visual design, it has subsequently expanded into new areas such as graphic and web design, digital video and photography, as well as 3D effects. Therefore it is growing daily in popularity among those needing to perform such tasks quickly and efficiently.

Learning how to make optimum use of the basic tools and elements of Photoshop is easy through the Photoshop elements tutorials. Because Photoshop focuses on teaching these basic Photoshop tools, it is no wonder Photoshop elements tutorials are extremely popular among beginners doing this software.

Photoshop elements tutorials are widely available to all interested in obtaining the skills needed to make adequate use of the tools and elements included in the Photoshop software package. Photoshop is a commonly used photo-editing program which supplies all the necessary elements for creating and retouching amazing photos and images, which can be applied to a website for an effective online solution. With the knowledge and skills obtained as a result of attending these Photoshop elements tutorials, a user new to Photoshop will be able to create great text, animation, and special effects, retouch photos, and professional edit images for various types of applications for example websites.

Photoshop Elements

The basic elements included in Photoshop can be discussed as being a support to and for initiating the following:

  • animation and interactivity
  • optimising and compressing graphics
  • photo retouching
  • interface design
  • text effects
  • illustration techniques
  • special effects
  • colour correction and colour theory
  • plugins and filters
  • textures and backgrounds
  • scanning
  • layers and channels

How Intoweb Can Help:

Attending the Photoshop elements tutorials at Intoweb is an affordable option as a solution for gaining knowledge in its entirety in Photoshop elements and software. It is therefore the best choice to consider when wanting to attend a Photoshop elements tutorial. To elaborate upon this; the Photoshop elements tutorials are provided by Intoweb with tips and advice on how to make full use of the important elementary tools of Photoshop for the effective learning of skills by all students attending these tutorials. Examples of these Photoshop elements tutorials taught and the advice given include:

  • Styles and Effects:Using the styles and effects palette for the creation of professional-looking special effects as well as how to optimally make use of the different available options in frames and image.
  • Brush Tool for Spot Healing:After a discussion on what the Camera Raw format is, students will learn how to edit the Camera Raw as well as the Camera Raw Dialog Box to their advantage.
  • Adjust/Hue Saturation:Being able to use the adjust/hue saturation box to its fullest potential means that a Photoshop user will have the ability to selectively shift the colours in an image down the colour wheel.
  • Healing Brush:The Photoshop elements tutorials teach students the shortcuts to each Photoshop tool such as the shortcut to get the brushes. Using the shortcut to get to the healing brush, saves a lot of time in the creation of an application.
  • Quick Fix Colour Cast:Images can be corrected with a colour cast by using the auto button found in the colour palette. With the Photoshop elements tutorials, a user can use to their advantage the ability to compare original and edited images with one simple click of the mouse.
  • Rotate Image:Using the tools and Photoshop elements provided in the Photo Browser, Intoweb Photoshop elements tutorials show students how to rotate an image directly from this browser and apply it to the image on disk.
  • Save For Web:Photoshop elements tutorials aim to improve the usage of the save for web dialog box. They furthermore focus on teaching students how to correctly handle the compression, cropping and e-mailing of high resolution images.
  • Show File Name:With this Photoshop element a user can change preferences in the Photoshop elements organiser as well as how to identify the actual file names and dates.

The training supplied by Intoweb in the form of Photoshop elements tutorials have been designed with the key objective of supplying the students with the information and skills needed to make appropriate use of the elements and tools of the Photoshop software. For further information to get signed up for one of our Photoshop elements tutorials and thereby benefit from the peak services and advice we provide, Contact Us