Photoshop is premier software which is highly sought-after among all who want the best results in image-editing and photo retouching. Courses for Photoshop are therefore widely available as a result of this ever-increasing demand to get to know this software and master the skills required to effectively optimise usability. A great number of the requests received for Photoshop training are from beginners who have never used Photoshop before and therefore need a basic introduction to this software. Intoweb has recognised this need in the market and has designed Photoshop courses which are ideal for anyone; from the beginner wishing to learn Photoshop from scratch, to the more-experienced student wishing to refresh and upgrade their use of Photoshop.

Beginners Photoshop Training

Giving Photoshop training for beginners means that the training given focuses on teaching and making sure that an understanding of the basics is grasped. Beginners to Photoshop need to be slowly introduced to the tools and functions of the Photoshop software that at the end of the day after attending Photoshop training they will be able to make proper use of the program and create amazing graphics and applications. The most common actions to be taken in Photoshop are therefore addressed in Intoweb's Photoshop training courses; which emphasise effective learning to help save our students large amounts of time in the long run. These regularly practiced Photoshop actions include:

  • Customise Your Workspace: Before you start creating a project customise your workspace for more improved productivity. As the result of having the palettes you most commonly use being displayed arranged by you means having a workspace which suits the way you work and hereby saving time. The workspace which you choose can be saved in Photoshop as a preset for the next time you need to create a similar application.
  • Display the Same Image in Two Windows: Being able to view the same image in two different windows means that performing detail work is now a breeze because one image can be zoomed in at 100% to show the detail while the other can be zoomed out at the same time to show the full effect of the final product.
  • The Instant Grabber Hand: Frustration occurs when constantly having to switch tools. Shortcuts are available in Photoshop to be used for the temporary activation of these tools in order to prevent this irritation from occurring. For example, the spacebar can be used to temporarily activate the instant hand grabber tool.
  • Get Rid of the Marching Ants: When selecting an object it is noted that a line of dashes start blinking around the edge of the selected area. This line of dashes is also referred to as the "marching ants". After a while, these "marching ants" tend to become a visual nuisance and so, with the use of certain shortcut tools, they can be made to disappear.
  • The Undo Command: The undo command makes it easy for the most recently performed actions to be reverted. This tool is also great when wanting to review the before and after shot after a certain effect has been applied.
  • Colour Square Control: Controlling colour squares means that the use is able to switch the foreground and background colours as well as reset the colour squares to their defaults.
  • Select Colours from a Specific Image: The eyedropper tool is available specifically for this purpose.
  • Quickly Change Brush Tip Sizes
  • The Move Tool and Arrow Keys
  • Zooming In and Out
  • Navigation in Magnified Images
  • Selecting Just the Pixels on a Layer: The most simple method available for selecting an image is to place it on a transparent layer. This is ensures that nothing else but the image is selected and not an entire layer.
  • Tiling Images for Better Visibility: Because having overlapping images makes it difficult for the selection of just one of these, the tiling tool can be utilised for arranging these images so that they are visible all at once.
  • Getting Rid (and bringing back) the Welcome Screen: With a list of tutorials, tips and tricks, and a set of colour management help files, the user can either hide or bring this help menu back by simply ticking the option box available providing these options.
  • Cycling through All Documents with Once Click

How can Intoweb Assist You?

Intoweb is a Photoshop training specialist and aids beginners to Photoshop through the courses we provide in teaching them the basic tools, skills and techniques required for utilising Photoshop to its fullest potential. You will benefit from attending our Photoshop courses because we put focus onto you our student by giving individual and interactive training so as to ensure that you grasp an in-depth understanding of working with Photoshop. The training material implemented for use in our Photoshop training courses are not amateur lecture notes; Rather we supply each student with a comprehensive Photoshop textbook of noted quality. The key focus of our Photoshop training courses is put onto making sure that every student get a full understanding of the following, required for improved usability of the software: basic theory, selection tools, essential image editing skills, retouching images, printing and image editing, colour correction, working with layers, channels, and filters. The courses Intoweb offers take place within the duration of 5 days.

If you are keen to attend the Photoshop courses we have available and want to get more information on how you can do this then do not hesitate to Contact Us