Before Photoshop tricks can be described, it is essential to give a definition for what Photoshop in fact is. Photoshop can therefore be defined as being a photo manipulation program distributed by Adobe and used for making modifications to photographs requiring attention, through colour corrections and sharpening, to create an amazing looking image as a result. The majority of photographs, graphics, and logos used in web applications are modified and created with use of the Adobe Photoshop software available.

Photoshop is a well-known, internationally used web application program and it is thus no wonder why so many requests for training for the proper use of this software are being received by Photoshop professionals; being qualified to give lessons and who have an immense amount of knowledge in Photoshop tricks which their students can thoroughly benefit from using.

Teaching Photoshop

Mastering Photoshop is all about experience and so the majority of professionals giving Photoshop training emphasize interactivity, giving beginners Photoshop tricks for use in real-life situations. These Photoshop tricks have as such been developed so that the user is able to get the most out of Photoshop. The Photoshop training which is made available by Intoweb is thus focused on teaching students the skills necessary to master the Photoshop software and consequentially to create unbelievable Photoshop applications as a result.

The following Photoshop tricks and effects are taught by professionals in Photoshop through lessons which are made available for the benefit of the public, for application in the creation of an unbelievable Photoshop document:

  • Photography Basics: confronting technical aspects of photography such as exposure and depth of field, Photoshop has the tricks to transform your pictures into world-class photographical images.
  • Page-Curl Effect: Photoshop tricks used for turning part of an image up to reveal its back side. With Photoshop an image can be bent using either the folding or curling options, given texture using bump maps, and orientated in 3D space.
  • Shadow/Highlight Tool: Photoshop has the tricks to make images brighter and darker all at the same time. The tools available for carrying this out allows a user to calm highlights down and bring out shadows in an image in one easy step.
  • Tattoos: with Photoshop you can build tattoos which look highly realistic for retouching and adding glamour to an image.
  • Washed Out Old Brick Wall: Photoshop tricks for creating an aged brick wall to be used as a backdrop for films, video games, and posters.
  • Optimising GIF's: GIF's are much smaller in size than JPEG's and so when creating a Photoshop web application, the reduced file size of a GIF should be taken advantage of.

How Can Intoweb Help?

As a result of utilising the Photoshop tricks which we make known as part of our Photoshop training, students will be able to amplify the quality of their Photoshop creations as a result of a gained ability to make more effective use of their Photoshop software. The Photoshop tricks we provide are as such used by the industry professionals of today and include:

  • Secrets in Digital Photo Correction: Following a step-for-step process for better, we offer Photoshop tricks which are used by professionals in the preparation and management of digital photos. These Photoshop tricks come in the form of secrets for the colour correction and sharpening of images.
  • Photo Finishing Tricks: These Photoshop tricks are applied to better tone photo images so that they appear as a result more realistic and gain an innate vitality while editing is performed. Learn tricks applied in magazines by using tools which have the ability to make photo images appear dimensionally hyper-real.
  • Special Effects Techniques: Intoweb teaches the secrets and Photoshop tricks to recreate popular photographic and lighting effects in order to help with the saving of time and money. At the beginning these effects look difficult to accomplish but once we have revealed our Photoshop tricks, one discovers how easy they truly are to create.
  • Automation Tools: For an increase in project speed and productivity, Intoweb makes known the Photoshop tricks made regular use of by the pros. These automation tools include such actions as batching, using bridges in the background, etc.
  • Finalized Project Presentation Tricks: Intoweb teaches Photoshop tricks in the latest layout presentation which can distinctly set you apart from the rest. Presentation tricks include filter effects, digital framing, etc. for the creation of outstanding project layouts from within Photoshop.

Intoweb is a Photoshop specialists and the training which we offer is therefore the best option to consider when wanting to learn how to make the most out of your Photoshop software and gain Photoshop tricks to further help along the way. If your are interested in getting Photoshop training and considering Intoweb Photoshop specialists as the company for you, then feel free to get more information by Contacting Us