Intoweb Design specialises in professional Internet solutions. Our vision is to be the best web designers in South Africa, as well as the greatest Internet company. With this goal in mind, Intoweb specialises in providing many professional Internet solutions and services.

Web Design

Intoweb has created some of the most spectacular websites in South Africa for clients such as Porsche, Top Holidays, Ellerines, SA Pools, National Library of South Africa, Zwahili Game Lodge and many more. With the unique approach to graphics and website design, Intoweb is a forerunner in the market and moves up a notch above most companies providing professional Internet solutions.


Specialized programming solutions including SQL databases, ASP, PHP and Javascript are implemented on it's websites. These are just some of the many professional Internet solutions that are incorporated into the websites Intoweb creates.

Flash Development

Macromedia Flash has revolutionised the Internet. Intoweb has a skilled team of Flash designers to give you that interactive website you need.

Internet Server

Intoweb's servers runs on Linux operating systems. Assurance of secure server space connected directly to the Intoweb backbone 100Mb/s is part of Intoweb's professional Internet solutions agreement.


The days of having a cellphone just as a phone are gone. These days, cellphones are much more than just a device used to speak to others. Images can be transmitted between phones, games can be played and phones can connect to the Internet and surf the web! GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) provides a means of scaling down websites to fit the phone's screen. Intoweb is one of the few Internet companies equipped to develop such web sites.

CD Presentations

A CD-ROM presentation is a good way to increase promotion of your business to the many prospective clients that do not have a Internet connection to access your website. CD-ROM presentations can include lavish sound and animation as there is less of an issue concerning file sizes and download time.

Website Analysis

Intoweb has a professional website analysis service where IT Professionals within the company reviews websites and presents reports on these websites, stating the pros and cons. One or two of South Africa's top company websites undergoes careful analysis each month. The results are published Intoweb's website.

Search Engine Optimization

The problem that many website owners experience is that although they might have a good site, they are not easily found through Search Engines. (70%-80% of browsers to any website will come via a search engine). Intoweb has now begun a revolutionary new feature that dramatically increases the traffic to your website as yet another professional Internet solution.

Online Newsletters

Online Newsletters can be a powerful marketing tool which, not only adds interactivity to your website, but also provides information about your company or business on a regular basis.

Intranet Solutions

Intoweb has developed fully functional turnkey intranet solutions to many clients most notably: Nuclear Technology Products (Atomic energy coperation), Portnet, Centre of Higher Education and Transformation and Hyperpharm. Intranets can be customized to your requirements.

Web Development Training

Intoweb has professional training courses that gets presented daily to professional companies seeking to learn more about the Internet and web sites. Some of these courses includes web development courses such as PHP, HTML, XML, ASP, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Flash and many more. Other courses includes PC Networking and Linux.

True to it's vision, Intoweb has become one of the best web design companies in South Africa, presenting professional Internet solutions to all it's clients.