Urgently looking for entry level programmers for Cape Town.


The following are available in Gauteng:
  • Support Engineer - must have Unix & Oracle, R350k salary
  • 2 x Senior Java Developer - Unix/Linux exp, R550k salary
  • Project Manager within IT, must have vendor management, R650k+ salary
  • Project Manager for Consulting House, R550k salary
  • Business Analyst for Consulting House, R500k salary
  • 6 x Key Account Managers with exp. Telco engineering for Engineering company, R640k salary
  • Chief Financial Officer within IT, R1.3 mil salary
  • Chartered Accountant, R600k+ salary
  • HR Manager, R240k+ salary
  • Jnr Accountant for Telco, R180k salary
  • Call Centre agents for Telco, R72k+ salary
  • Marketing Secretary Consumer services, R180k salary

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An exciting position opening at intoweb for anyone interested in a job as a programmer. Programming at intoweb provides you as a programmer with the opportunity to work on.....

Click here to view job details of a position opening at Intoweb Training involving AI development engineering.

Skills Requirements
The programmer position requires experience in PHP (preferably Object Orientated PHP), HTML (preferably XHTML), PostgreSQL and My SQL development. Apache Server experience or any other Open Source experience. Basic understanding of XML, Java Scripting, ASP,, and VB will be a huge advantage. Experience in maintaining and documenting code.

Desired Education

Job Description
Development of dynamic Web backend systems, e-commerce or content management systems. Assume direct responsibility for existing / new PHP Web development projects. Plan, build and implement ad-hoc web applications within strict guidelines. Implement and adhere to policies, procedures and standards for development. A passion for Open Source programming will help you excel in our company.

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AI development engineer

BSc Engineer required for work on Training products at Intoweb Training Pretoria. Work will involve the development of Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, and Expert Systems. Comprehensive programming skills are required for this challenging project.

Experience in AI will be beneficial.
The candidate will develop the next generation of Intoweb Training products in Macromedia Flash incorporating Artificial Intelligence. The candidate will must be fully capable of performing research and intense development.

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