Successfull companies understand the necessity of proper Project Management. Improvements in Information Technology now afford companies the means to effectively plan and implement projects. The success of computerised Project Management Systems rely on two factors: a practical, user-friendly design and the means of controlling the system.

Intoweb builds company-wide Intranets which allow all employees to log onto the same system. Intranets are often a vital tool when managing tasks because employees have access to company documents, events calendars (complete with reminders), boardroom bookings and much more. Updates are implemented on a wider scale because everyone is logging into the same system. The intranet can be considered a Project Management system with added features (such as employee birthday announcements, interesting article features).

Intoweb has 8 years experience in the web industry and has skills in the following Internet areas:

HTML, Active Server Pages, Java, Javascript, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Macromedia Flash, Drumbeat, PHP, SQL, ODBC, Postgres, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, B2B ecommerce, online credit card verification, Intranets and Online training systems.

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