The search engine optimisation team at intoweb is a group of specialists within the IT industry and believe in incorporating the best search engine marketing solutions into your companies existing online strategy.

Why use Search Engine Marketing?

The problem that many website owners experience is that although they might have a good site, they are not easily found through Search Engines. (70%-80% of browsers to any website will come via a search engine). The intoweb SEO team not only applies effective and ethical search engine optimisation techniques but also allows clients hosting with Intoweb to view statistical results covering all aspects of traffic coming to your website.

Did you know the number of times keywords are used on a web site effects the site's optimisation? Our search engine marketing solution enhances your current marketing strategy to include:

  • the changing of the title and keywords according to the search engine specifications
  • copywriting the web site content to ensure maximum optimisation.

Once a client subscribes to Intoweb's SEO solution, the necessary changes will be made with the client's consent. The changes are viewed on a dummy site before the real site goes live, ensuring quality search engine optimisation.

At Intoweb search engine marketing means increased traffic to and interest in your website. We provide your company with:

  • Excellent client service
  • The cheapest form of advertising to the largest market - search engine marketing and online advertising
  • Direct advertising (people who see your site are probably looking for the particular type of product that your company supplies)
  • A leading edge on your competitors
  • Cutting edge technology, proving superior service
  • The opportunity of telling prospective clients about the value of doing business with your company, in a non-threatening environment. They can also instantly contact you via email (allowing you to "strike while the iron is still hot").

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