ADSL is a fast growing Internet connectivity technology able to provide a permanent connection to the Internet that is fast and reliable. ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and emphasis is put on the fact that it is asymmetric for the reason that the speed of download is different to the speed of an upload which influential to the overall user experience of highly efficient Internet connectivity. How ADSL works is by splitting the phone line in current use into two separate channels; one for the usage of data collected and one for voice).

ADSL can be described as being the best response for the daily increasing demands on the Internet for information and communication, providing speed and reliability to all end users. ADSL is therefore ideal for small to medium sized businesses as well as for those Internet surfers who are on the World Wide Web 24/7.


An ADSL cap can be defined as being a limit to how much data an Internet user can download on a monthly basis. Chosing the right cap for the unique Internet connectivity purposes is vital for achieving the results and success for which a user desires. Caps are measured in gigabytes and as such a number of options are available as guidelines which have the ability to suit the needs of specific individuals.

  • 1 GB: this option is best for those who surf the Internet and download email on an occassional basis.
  • 3 GB: being best for the average user, this option focuses on downloading of emails and small to medium files, and surfing on the Internet, on a daily basis.
  • 5 GB: an option which is great for playing games online over the Internet
  • 10 GB and up: this option is generally only needed for downloading games and larger files for example video clips
  • 30 GB: perfect for businesses with multiple users

ADSL Speeds

Another important aspect to take into consideration when ordering an ADSL line is the speed of the modem. It is important to take note one should avoid implementing a faster speed than really needed and it is in fact better to purchase a bigger cap than a faster speed line. ADSL is available in four line speeds:

  1. 192 Kbps: even though this is the slowest line, it is still 3 times faster than an average ISDN line. This option is sufficient for most Internet purposes.
  2. 384 Kbps: the line most common for home use and excellent for downloading music, files, and streaming media.
  3. 512 Kbps: this option is ideal for the high end user such as businesses and homes with large business needs.
  4. 1 MB: perfect for businesses with large data needs and multiple users.

Benefits of Using ADSL

Alongwith the provision of a speedy and extremely reliable Internet connection, ADSL offers further benefits to its end users. These benefits can be clearly identified when in comparison to the standard dial-up connection and as such include:

  • ADSL provides a permanent connection and it is therefore not necessary to pay dial-up fees everytime a connection is made to the Internet.
  • A greater speed can be enjoyed in comparison to the average dial-up connection, allowing more data to be sent over existing copper lines in a shorter duration of time.
  • No longer are those important telephone calls missed, because an ADSL connection means that you can take these calls while being connected to the Internet at the same time.
  • Reduced costs on telephone calls via VOIP.
  • An ADSL user is not charged by the minute like in the case of standard dial-up modem connectivity. Rather, a fixed charge is added to the phone bill each month, depending on the ADSL package initially chosen and purchased. With this fixed monthly fee, no surprise charges can be expected.
  • Free video calls via MSN messenger or Skype can be made.
  • With always on high speed Internet access, an Internet user can now download large files.
  • Lastly, the main benefits of ADSL are: not having to wait for a dial-up connection means no more wasting time, and no more frustration.

What Can Intoweb Offer You?

After reading the information given above, it is clear that ADSL is the perfect choice for any and every Internet user. This is for the reason that these lines for Internet connection offer numerous solutions as options which are ideal for meeting the needs and requirements of anyone. Intoweb has identified the benefits of using an ADSL line and has as such taken advantage of this by highlighting the fact that we offer the following ADSL connection options as listed below. What these ADSL options entail are an ADSL user name and password that you can use with your existing ADSL connection from Telkom. Furthermore instead of connecting you to the Telkom network, Intoweb will connect you to the Verizon/UUNET network. Our ADSL services fall into two categories namely general unshaped network access and South Africa only network access.

  1. Intoweb can offer any amount between 3 and 30 Gb

  2. Local connectivity only (good for VPN's and email only):
    • 3 GB for R100 per month - connect to South Africa only
      (paying R33 for every additional GB means all Intoweb makes in the end is R30)
    • 30 GB for R750 per month - connect to South Africa only
      (if all 30 GB is used, all Intoweb makes out of the deal is R50)
  3. Unshaped connectivity only (good for VPN's and email only):
    • 3 GB for R440 per month - unshaped Internet access via Intoweb
      (if all 3 GB is used, all Intoweb makes is R50)
    • 30 GB for R4000 per month - unshaped Internet access via Intoweb

  4. Intoweb's Benefits to You:
    • UUNET/Verizon's network in the place of Telkom's network
    • UUNET's SMTP mail spooling service in the place of
    • Unshaped bandwidth -- what you use the bandwidth for is your business,
      and all protocols work equally well
    • South-Africa only network is excellent for VPNs, which don't require
      international access on any day of the week.

Intoweb is one of the leading Internet service providers in South Africa and should therefore not hesitate to consider us as your partner in the application of the best Internet solutions for your company. We have years of experience and will not lead your business in the wrong direction. For more information on, and to get connected with the ADSL accounts which Intoweb has up for sale, Contact Us