Intoweb has a technical support team in place that perfome essantial server maintenance to the company's server and for clients. The team regularly runs server maintance system that makes back-ups and ensures that the server is running smoothly. Server maintenance is important to maintain a clean and smooth running server.

What is a Server

Servers can be defined as being the computers that drives information to other computers linked by a network. They can store files of many users and programs that can be shared by remote client machines or applications

Intoweb provides Linux Server Installations and Linux Server Support to our clients who had their servers installed through us.

Linux is ..

  • Simple – even we can make Linux servers work.
  • Stable – if we set it up correctly, it just works.
  • Flexible – you can run them all your tasks on one Linux server, or you can distribute tasks across many servers.
  • Scalable – you don't have to calculate licence fees, since one open source licence covers it all.

How do we work?

  • You tell us what you want your server to do.
  • We write a list of functions that the server will perform, and confirm that we will do it as our standard server installation service.
  • We install the server and configure the services you require.
  • We include one month of support, after which you can support on a monthly or ad-hoc basis. We also offer support contracts.
  • The server quietly gets on with the job.

If we can assist you with the any server maintenance problems, please feel free to contact us.