Statistics can be defined as the mathematical science pertaining to collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data which can be transformed into useful information and later into applicable knowledge. Statistical analysis is therefore a way of using mathematical formulas to make predictions. Or, in other words, it is a process based on analysing collected data for the purposes of summarising information to make it more usable and for making generalisations about a particular subject namely a website in this case. The decision making process under uncertainty is thus largely based on the application of statistical data analysis for probabilistic risk assessment of decisions.

The crucial link identified today between good decision making and success is becoming more and more important in the competitive environment of the business world. For this reason, businesses are turning towards statistical analysis in order to guide their decisions. Statistical analysis provides information with the capability to improve overall business processes, help retain valued customers, and drive revenues and further company development.

Statistical analysis is greatly concerned with data mining. Data is known to be crude information and not knowledge by itself, Statistical analysis therefore follows the sequence from data to knowledge from data data to information, from information to facts, and finally, from facts to knowledge. By carrying out data analysis businesses are as such given the ability to get easy access to data from any source, perform data management, carry out statistical analysis and present findings in a variety of reports and graphs in order to make adequate business decisions; all within a single, managed environment. It is thus an analytic process designed to expose data in search of consistent patterns of variables and validation of the findings by applying the detected patterns to new subsets of data. And so, the ultimate goal of data mining and this statistical analysis is prediction.

Statistical Packages used for the Back-end of Websites

There are several statistical analysis packages on the market which come along with a variety of additional costs, making it difficult for the majority of web hosts to justify providing statistics for clients. It is important for web development companies to offer statistics for the reason that providing this services is an intergral part of any web hosting package expected by clients. Intoweb is therefore more than able to supply this service of statistical analysis as we make use of the latest and best software to let our clients know what is happening on their website with the provision of understandable and highly accurate website analysis reports. The statistics analysis package is as such used as a log analysis solution. The main features of the multilingual statistical analysis package Intoweb utilises are: time series analysis, built-in help, filtering, export capabilities, date range control, and business ready graphics. The reports which result from statistical analysis include:

  • a traffic summary reflecting on unique visitors and sessions, visitors and sessions per day, visitor loyalty, and session frequency
  • a visitor summary reflecting on sessions, page views, hits, and bytes
  • requested pages, page query terms, hits and bytes downloaded per directory, status and errors, downloads, and posted forms
  • length of page views, click paths, exit pages, entrance pages, length of sessions, and depth of sessions
  • search terms, referrals, referral errors, and search engines
  • IP adresses, domains, and countries
  • robots, browsers, and platforms

How Can Intoweb Help?

To highlight the fact that by implementing an outstanding statistical website analysis package, Intoweb is now able to to save on costs, which ultimately benefit clients, as price reductions occur as a direct result. As such, the following can be discussed accordingly:

  • In order to run, good statistical analysis packages need limited hardware. The latest technological development allow these web interface to now reside on a single server and yet accommodate an even greater amount of website.
  • Limited investments in server hardware and relative upgrades are required with a reduction in server load resulting from configuration of the interface of the website analysis package and each remote service in order to maintain the server hardware.
  • Man hours for re-processing and re-configuring statistics are heavily reduced.
  • A database back-end is no longer required along with the elimination of additional licensing of software.
  • Log file space can be reduced by saving on disk space.
  • The ability to identify pages or key phrases that need attention.
  • Website success can be monitored by comparing current and historical success so as to view progress.
  • The bandwidth and determinary costs can be monitored.
  • Identifying busy pages and the promotions running on those pages.
  • Client wants on a website can be better understood by analysing the way in which they browse on that site.

Intoweb takes advantage of the benefits which arise from performing statistical analysis so as to ensure that our clients receive the best possible services from us and in turn get the results they expect to achieve from their Internet website investments. For more information on how your company can benefit from becoming a business partner with Intoweb Contact Us