Time management systems are essential to the smooth operational flow of any company. Intranets built by Intoweb include many time management features which can be customised to suit your company. While intranets developed at Intoweb have many features and functional areas the intranet modules related to time include:

  • Leave management system
  • Policies and information
  • Project management (with Gantt charts)
  • Events (calendar)
  • Boardroom booking

Intranets built by Intoweb are more than just time management systems, they include Document warehousing, Newsletter and invoicing systems, sales and client databases, phone lists and online training systems. The Intranet should not only be a once-off development, but should be able to adapt to strategic corporate changes. The Modular approach of the Intranet enables it to be very dynamic and allows add-on functionality and integration of new features.

Our quotes are free and the initial consultation includes a needs assessment and these modules only require minor modification to install on a client premises.

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