The South African Training Industry

Due to unique circumstances in the South African training industry the awareness of the importance of training has definitely come to the fore. Especially since the promulgation of the Skills Development Act and other related legislation. The training of employees is now seen in a much more proactive and strategic light.


We strive to provide companies with occupation-directed education, training and development practices. This means that Intoweb's courses are not overburdened with theory, but focus on intensive hands-on training. In an industry which emphasises training for the sake of meeting legislation requirements, Intoweb focuses on programming or software skills which can compliment and add value to your current vocation, whether it be design, development or database administration.

Intoweb gives hands-on training and includes a comprehensive textbook to ensure that learners confidently develop the necessary skills. The main advantage of a lecture-based training is that the student gets to interact with the instructor, ask questions, and ask for further explanation when things are not clear. Classes also offer a more structured environment. Many people find a lecture-based course environment easier to learn in compared to trying to learn by themselves.

E-learning Solutions/ Help Desks

Intoweb Training (a division of the Intoweb group of companies) has developed specific e-learning solutions and offers a new unique approach to training. The training system is a web based Intranet driven solution allowing orgainizations to train up their employees in desktop skills.The VHD (Virtual help desk) systems provide e-learning solutions in windows, office products and Novell products, in fact we are the only people in the world offering online training on Novell products.

Word XP and 2003
Excel XP and 2003
Outlook XP and 2003
Powerpoint XP and 2003
Project XP and 2003
Access 2003
Windows XP
Internet Explorer

Groupwise 6 and 6.5
Groupwise Webaccess
Novell OpenOffice Calc
Novell OpenOffice Writer
Novell OpenOffice Impress
Novell OpenOffice Evolution
Novell Firefox Browser
Novell Gnome
Novell KDE Desktop

OpenOffice Calc
OpenOffice Impress
OpenOffice Writer
Ximian Evolution

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