What is Web Application training?

In software engineering, a web application is an application delivered to users from a web server over a network such as the World Wide Web or an intranet. Intoweb offers unique opportunities in web application training and database design which can be used to compliment your current knowledge of web applications or teach you from scratch.

The first thing one has to know when deciding which web application training to pursue is thw most applications have a back-end and a front-end. Back-end and front-end are expressions that describe programs relative to the user.

A front-end program is one that users interact with directly. The front-end is responsible for collecting input from the user, which can be in a variety of forms, and processing it in such a way that it conforms to a specification that the back-end can use. These scripting languages access the database.

A back-end program supports the front-end services and tasks not directly controlled by the user. When building a database a programmer sets the "invisible structure" of the information displayed in the front end.

Building a database (back end programming)

  • MySQL training
    MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database. Open source means that the source code, the programming code that makes up MySQL is available to anyone. MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). Hands on training at Intoweb will teach you how to build databases in this program, which is capable of storing an enormous amount and a wide variety of data.
  • Microsoft Access training
    Access is a "Relational Database." What this means is Access can link to tables that have similar fields. functions in the Windows environment and allows you to create and process data in a database. Intoweb offers training on the Microsoft Access in such a way that relatively unskilled programmers and non-programmer "power users" can use it to build simple databases and applications without having to deal with Access features they don't understand.

Interacting with a database (front end scripting)

  • ASP training
    Active Server Pages (ASP) are built using server-side scripting language. ASP training at Intoweb teaches you how to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications.

  • PHP training
    PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. The goal of the language is to allow web and database developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.
  • Python training
    Intoweb provides Python training to cover most aspects of this open source scripting language.

  • Flash Actionscript training
    Actionscripting is a form of object-orientated programming specific to Macromedia Flash. This scripting language places a heavy emphasis on code structure and organisation. The course covers a variety of topics such as data handling and dynamic content.

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