Software and skills training for web design

Whatever the combination of web design training courses you wish to do Intoweb training consultants are available to set up a training regime to suit your needs. It is first neccessary to specify that web design training is specific to the graphical look of a website. While you will be able to create basic web pages with interactive features, web design is not web development. If you wish to learn how to script for the web in order to create advanced features and build databases then you might want to click on this link : database training.

At Intoweb all training courses are taught by lecturers who work in the fields they lecture in on a daily basis.

Different phases of Web design training

  1. Designing the look and feel for the website:
    The first step in web design training is learning how to use image editing software to create the building blocks for a website. Training on image editing software includes the design and "cutting up" of a design into workable pieces for an HTML site.
  2. Building a website using basic code:
    ML is the universal basic coding language used by internet browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer) to display the contents of a web page. Intoweb web design training covers this basic programming language because it is often necessary to edit the HTML code whilst building the web pages. Macromedia Dreamweaver utilises user friendly features to build a web page and basically make a functional website.

  3. Adding in Mulitmedia Elements
    Flash is the latest breakthrough in Multimedia design and development. Flash is used to create high impact animated websites and presetations with sound and video content. Flash is fast becoming a standard way to "spice up" your web sites with promotions and animations.
Intoweb has out together two web design training packages for your convienience:
Webmaster designer training package Macromedia Studio training package

In order to become a fully trained webmaster you should have fundamental skills that will allow you to manage your website.

Skills are required in:

  • HTML (3 days)
  • Graphics (3 days)
  • Javascript (2 days)
  • Basic Flash (5 days)
  • Basic Dreamweaver (2 days)

In order to become a fully trained webmaster you should have fundamental skills that will allow you to manage your website. This course in intended as a follow up course to the webmaster designer course.

Skills are required in:

  • Dreamweaver (2 days)
  • Fireworks (2 days)
  • Flash (5 days)

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