Intoweb is a web page hosting company based in South Africa that not only offers services in high quality website creation, but is known for activities such as web page hosting solutions which further aid in the success of each and every client's website. We are one of the few website development companies in South Africa that makes services in web design and hosting available altogether. No longer do clients need to split the web design and web page hosting responsibilities between two companies because Intoweb Design is one company which performs them both; thus allowing for better control of ones online assets.

What is Web Page Hosting?

Hosting refers to putting websites on the Internet. The web server (computer) in which a website's html files, graphics, etc. reside is known as web page hosting. Online systems are offered to Intoweb users in relation to web hosting for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. Alongwith services in web design and web page hosting, Intoweb also performs a free domain name search to allow your company to secure an appropriate web site name.

Marketing through Web Hosting

Marketing is yet another benefit enjoyed from the services included in web hosting. Intoweb offers a reliable system through web hosting to those companies, organizations and individuals who are serious about generating business from their website. The reputation which Intoweb has achieved through our web page hosting solutions, as well as designing and programming of websites, is well deserved for the reason that we know a great design does not necessarily mean the success of any particular website. A website needs to be constantly promoted and hosted on powerful, reliable and mirrored servers which Intoweb provides to each and every client. Therefore, the success of a website can be directly related to web page hosting because of great marketing exposure which is attainable through the use of Intoweb's web page hosting solutions.

Our Web Page Hosting Servers

Intoweb can offer download speeds of more than 3Meg.p.s with the capabilities of our Linux hosting servers which are part of the JINX hub. (For those who did not know, Linux is a server operating system.) One of the first benefits experienced as a direct result of our web page hosting servers is the fast speeds at which our sites can be downloaded. The is especially beneficial for international visitors as the majority of our sites get mirrored on our international servers in New York as well. However, all our sites get mirrored on a back up box which allows us to ensure up time of 99.9%.

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