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Web site construction

Would you like to find out if your website is Search Engine friendly, ease of Use and Accessible?

The Web site construction process at Intoweb is very involved in order to insure that the website construction is done properly the first time around. Our graphic design and development team is exceptionally skilled and you can expect professional graphics wih style.

At Intoweb we believe in high quality, professional and unique graphic web site design for South Africa. We strive to create web site designs that stay true to the nature of the product and we have experience in designing graphics for a huge variety of products.

Web site Construction Process

  1. An Account Manager will meet with the authorised company member (on your premises or at our offices). A needs analysis will be constructed and, if required, a proposal will be drafted. The needs analysis will specify both design requirements (look, feel, benchmarking) and the practical requirements of the website (eg is a database required? Are online payment facilities required?).
  2. The intoweb support team facilitates free domain name searches to check for the availablity of certain web addresses.
  3. Once the parameters have been set the assigned designer will begin the web site construction process by drafting a first phase homepage design. (This is not a functional web site yet but the design for the final website)
  4. Homepage designs are submitted to the client for approvaland reworked (if necessary).
  5. Once a homepage has been approved a sub page template is designed for subsidary information pages.
  6. Now the physical we bsite construction can take place. Web site construction involves building the graphical and text elements of a design into HTML format and then creating links between all of the pages of the website. The HTML pages can be read and view using an internet browser and Intoweb places the constructed website onto a test server so that the client can surf to the test location and view the progress of a website and finally the finished version of the website.
  7. Apart from design the programming elements will be developed by the intoweb programming team and tested thoroughly.
  8. Once the website has been approved the website is taken "live" and can be viewed by all users who surf to the chosen website address.

As an IT company, Intoweb offers several different web site solutions and services revolving around web site construction:

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