Intoweb is a top IT company in South Africa, where clients can be reassured that they will receive high quality services in website analysis, website creation and website marketing. Website analysis refers to the activities performed to aid in the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular website. In doing so the implementation of website improvements can occur through such processes as customer behavioral analysis, customer relationship management and website content management.

Customer Behavioral Analysis

Intoweb is different from the majority of website development companies. This is so for the reason that many web design companies will make use of a template and not take the process any further, while we at Intoweb concentrate on every individual client need so that they can be reflected in the form of a unique website design. By using unique website design that echoes the image of a specific company and product the website created will attract the correct type of visitor whose reaction is essential to website analysis. The analysis of customer behavior towards certain websites aids in website analysis as the two go hand-in-hand. In general a website will be effectively popular if the customer behavioral analysis proves to be positive. In order to elaborate upon this it can be stated that for a website to be popular is for the increased visitation of customers to this site because it offers them exactly what their needs and desires request.

The website analysis method used by Intoweb to identify the popularity and, in turn, effectiveness of our websites is search engine optimisation. By applying search engine optimisation to the website analysis process, identification of the number of visitors each website recieves within a particular duration of time starts to play a large role in determining website design effectiveness. Therefore the use of statistics aids in website analysis.

A service which Intoweb offers to our clients is the opportunity for them to view their statistics so that they are able to perform their own website analysis when it comes to the succes of their website. The list of statistics which are displayed to clients includes:

  • The number of unique visitors per day, per week, per month (Displayed in easy to read graphs.)
  • Top 25 pages viewed
  • Links from external web sites to your website
  • The average duration of visits to your night in seconds
  • Common keyphrases used by users to search for your web site
  • Bandwidth used to surf to specific pages
  • and much more

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Customer Relationship Management

The most challenging aspect of business can be identified as customer relationship management, regardless of what industry it may be in. The processes required to be successful in customer relationship management involve gathering pertinent information about spending habits, customer enquiries and how to keep the customer up to date with company developments and promotions. At the same time the customer needs to be approached as an individual entity. Intoweb has 8 years experience as an IT company and therefore knows about the challenges which go alongwith customer relationship management. We consequently offer three focuses for customer relationship management which are listed as follows:

1. Keeping Track of Customer Information
2. Analysing Web User Behaviour
3. Keeping Customers in the Know

1. Keeping Track of Customer Information

One of the most detrimental forms of customer relationship management is storing customer information into a database. At Intoweb we have the ability to develop databases to contain customer information details. These databases can then be used as a reference by our management and salespeople to match customer needs with products and inform customers of service requirements. Personnel of Intoweb can access and generate reports from this database to which they are connected via an intranet system. Each company's needs varies and, therefore, so does the type of information inputed into the database. For this reason customisable intranet solutions are offered by Intoweb.

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2. Analysing Web User Behaviour

In order to generate more traffic to our websites, Intoweb implements techniques in search engine optimisation. We are one of the few companies in South Africa to make use of this tool which further aids in the later more advanced stage of website analysis. As discussed above, statistics play a vital part in determining whether a website is a success or not.

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3. Keeping the Customers in the Know

A vital process for any business to perform is acknowledged as being not only the gathering of relevant data on its customers but moreso the communication which should occur with them. Intoweb has the ability to communicate with a whole database of clients as a result of the implementation of our online newsletter system that makes this possible. This system enables Intoweb to target specific customers for different news and promotions through the compilation of different mailing lists. By placing up-to-date promotions on a website means a good customer relationship management strategy. The design team at Intoweb works with clients to create promotions that are eyecatching and grab attention the moment the relevant webpage is opened.

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Website Content Management

With the growth of a website comes greater responsibility to keep the website alive and popular. As a consequence website content management becomes a more daunting task. If this process of website content management is not adequately performed common issues could repeatedly arise with increasing frequency across corporate websites.

Because the challenges of website content management are becoming greater everyday, Intoweb has created a system that is flexible and easy to use with a browser-based user interface. A major benefit which this system offers is that it makes it possible for non-technical persons without any web development knowledge to create, expand and maintain and equally manage the website of company owned websites. A secure environment is offered for information hosting as only users who have developed information will be able to change it by logging in with a username and password.

Vital features for Effective Website Content Management:

A CMS to enable collaboration

The best tools for collaboration among all contributors to the content production process must be provided by a content management system. The improvement of cross-departmental collaboration can occur by implementing a workflow control system that will aid in the coordination of activities across the entire enterprise.

A CMS to provide Flexibility

Because every production environment is different, a content management system needs to be built on extensible, task orientated components that developers and publishers can easily adapt according to their individual requirements.

A CMS to simplify intergration

In order to intergrate with other enterprise software, a content management system is required to provide a clean interface. Version control systems have the ability to save almost any type of content including text documents, source code and graphics.

A CMS to ensure performance

Production environments that have thousands of concurrent users and millions of active content items need to be effectively supported by a content management system.

Effective Website Content Management:

  • Allows authorised users and administrators to update certain sections of the website simply by logging on via the administration section.
  • Allows for information to be managed from remote locations throughout the world by multiple content managers and designated page owners.
  • Comprehensive workflow for ease of use.
  • Non-technical users control the content and behaviour.
  • e-Mail notification on content status changes.
  • Enhanced features in key areas such as content creation, archiving services, workflow and personalisation.
  • Standardise technology and features.
  • Various licensing models for corporate companies – ASP and enterprise models.
  • Requires no additional software – 100% browser driven.

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